How to use eye shadow to open up your eyes: tips for a spectacular makeup look

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The right eyeshadow application technique is an integral part of everyday makeup. Trends change every season, but despite the new color palettes and trends, one rule remains the same: the color and placement of the eyeshadow are of paramount importance.

Depending on the choice of color, intensity, and placement, eyeshadow can add harmony to the face and emphasize eye color. Experts told how to use eyeshadow correctly to open up your eyes.

Before you consider the tips below, you should determine the shape of your eyes. Eyes can be round, almond-shaped, close or far-set, they can have a drooping eyelid or drooping corners. Depending on the shape, you should consider makeup techniques.

Light colors on the inner corners of the eyes

If you want to make your eyes look brighter and lengthen their natural shape, focus on lighter shades to help "stretch" the eye. Light shades of eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes will help reduce the dark shadows that naturally form due to their proximity to the nose. If you already use concealer in this area to mask dark circles, consider applying a light shimmery eye shadow to the eyelids.

Light and dark shadows in tandem

By placing lighter colors on the inner halves of the eyelids and leaving darker shades for the outer corners, you can make your eyes look more expressive. Makeup artist Alexandra Anele explained that placing dark shadows can also create a lifting effect, which will be especially useful if you have droopy or close-set eyes. Apply a light color to the crease and approximately to the middle of the eyelid. Add a darker shade to the outer corner of the eyelid.

The "all the way around" technique

You can add dark shadows to the inner half of the eyelid, and then blend a lighter shade in the outer corner. However, this technique is not for everyone. It will perfectly emphasize wide-set eyes with the corners raised, as dark shades will visually make your eyes appear closer, and the light shade on the outside will create a softening effect.

The laws of shimmer

Shimmering eyeshadows can add intensity. It is best to apply them only on the eyelids. The shape of your eyes is also key here. If you have round eyes, place the glitter in the center of the eyelids, blending it with a brush towards the inner corners of the eyes. Katie Levy, a professional makeup artist at Trinny London, recommends the opposite technique for eyes with a droopy eyelid: the shadows should be applied to the inner corners of the eyes. For almond-shaped eyes, dark shimmery shadows will look best on the outer corners. A pearlescent shade directly under the eyebrows will make the look brighter.

Experiment with gold

Gold eyeshadow usually works best only on the eyelid or lash line. Apply the shade to the inner or outer corners of the eyes in combination with neutral shadows to create depth in the look. If you want to create a bolder and more dramatic look, consider applying gold eyeshadow to the entire eyelid.

Metallic color

Metallic shades of eyeshadow work best on the inside of the eyelid. Just as using a light eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes creates a highlighting effect, a light metallic shade can do the same – albeit in a bolder way. Shimmering dark charcoal eyeshadow applied to the inner eyelid will create a definition when combined with light eyeshadow applied to the rest of the eye.

An expressive look

Apply a smoky shade to the outer corners of the eye. In general, this technique involves mixing matte gray, black, or brown colors, and placing the shadows at specific points can help emphasize the shape of your eyes.

Cosmopolitan recommends applying the darkest matte shadows to the outer corners of the eyes. Focus the color on the lash line and blend upward. To complete the look, apply lighter colors to the rest of the eyelids.

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