How to transform thin eyebrows and completely change your face: effective ways

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There are several ways to restore eyebrow density - from temporary to long-term. Source: Created with the help of AI

The fashion for thin eyebrows is far behind us, but sometimes they can become thinner due to age or various health conditions. And this immediately adds a few extra years to the entire face.

Is it possible to restore the natural density of the eyebrows? Beauty experts say yes. First of all, stop plucking the hairs and let them grow back to their natural state. If the changes are significant, ask your family doctor for a checkup that will help identify the causes of thinning eyebrows. OBOZ.UA will tell you what to do next in the most common situations.

Eyebrow pencil

If the cause of eyebrow hair loss is a disease (eczema, alopecia, thyroid dysfunction), you will need a method that can mask the problem at least for the duration of treatment. The easiest solution is to draw the desired shape with a special pencil. Choose an option that can draw really thin lines. In the heat, you should give preference to a waterproof version.

Serum for hair growth

Sometimes thinning of the eyebrows occurs due to regular excessive plucking. The follicle is damaged and stops producing hair. A special serum can help restore its function. Thanks to vitamins, peptides, proteins, and active ingredients, this product returns the follicle to an active state and healthy, strong hair begins to grow again.

Change your diet

Hair growth is negatively affected by a lack of vitamins A, B, D, or E or iron deficiency in the body. To solve this problem, you need to adjust your diet by enriching it with foods that contain the necessary nutrients and elements. Of course, the changes will not occur immediately – it will take some time to restore the body's strength. It's impossible to name the exact period required because much depends on age, health, and the severity of the deficiency. For a transitional period, you can make your eyebrows thicker with a filling tinting gel. It contains microvilli that allow you to model, emphasize, and color your eyebrows while providing a reliable hold.


Unfortunately, age-related changes can hardly be significantly corrected. This is where permanent makeup, or more specifically microblading, comes in. To perform it, the technician uses small blades to apply a semi-permanent pigment to the skin. The result is as natural-looking as possible. However, the procedure needs to be repeated every 1-3 years, depending on how quickly the pigment is excreted from the body.

Hair transplantation

For those who have eyebrow loss due to genetic reasons, hair transplantation is often recommended in this area. It is performed by transferring hair follicles from the donor area, most often from the scalp to the eyebrow to increase its fullness. This is not a cheap procedure and you will have to choose a surgeon responsibly if you want to get the desired shape. But the result will stay with you for a long time.

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