How to soften things when washing: forget about vinegar and softener

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Soda ash will not only replace the softener but also make the laundry detergent more effective. Source: Created with the help of AI

Fabric care experts say that factory softener should not be used for softening as it only makes fabrics harder over time. Vinegar, in their opinion, is also not the best choice because due to its high acidity, it damages the fibers and the mechanism of the washing machine. But what can you use to soften clothes during washing?

In fact, there is one simple and inexpensive product that will do the job perfectly and will not affect either fabrics or metal parts. As OBOZ.UA found out, it is soda ash.

It will even cope with restoring softness to terry towels. Soda will be effective at low temperatures, but the hotter the water, the better it will work. It can be added to both hand and machine wash, as well as used for soaking and boiling.

Moreover, soda ash can completely replace detergent if you need to wash children's clothes. This neutral chemical compound will definitely not cause allergies or skin irritation.

Manufacturers indicate the correct dosage of soda ash on the package. Do not exceed it in any case. The easiest way to use the product is to pour the appropriate amount directly into the laundry drum. In this case, the soda will soften the water and make the powder or gel more effective. You can also add it to a solution for soaking clothes.

And if you need to remove old stains from your clothes, mix equal parts of your detergent, oxygen bleach for white or colored fabrics, depending on the need, and soda ash. Approximately two tablespoons of this mixture, diluted in 5 liters of warm water, is enough for a soak that will break down the stains. All you have to do is wash the item in the usual way.

Soda washes away stubborn dirt from the fibers that forms deposits or makes the fabric stiffer. It also removes all foreign odors. Therefore, it is quite a substitute for softener or vinegar.

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