How to restore dried mascara: four useful life hacks

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How to dilute dried mascara. Source: Created with the help of AI

Mascara has the shortest shelf life of any of your beauty products. But we've probably all experienced the fact that it dries out even before it's over.

Women usually don't want to throw away the mascara they bought not so long ago because there's still a lot of product inside. Luckily, Sugar has shared some effective ways to save your cosmetics.

Mascara can dry out quite quickly for two reasons. The first is that you fluff the product with the brush before applying it. When you quickly move the brush back and forth, air gets into the tube.

The second reason is not closing the mascara cap. If you don't tighten it, or don't tighten it enough, air also gets into the tube.

How to restore dried mascara: four useful life hacks

However, don't throw away mascara if it does dry out, as there are four ways to save it.

Lens solution

If you wear contact lenses, this will be your favorite technique for reviving dried mascara. Just add a little contact solution or eye drops to the tube and mix everything well by rolling the mascara between your palms for a minute.

Hot water

One of the easiest and most effective ways to revive mascara is to soak it in hot water.

Fill a cup with hot water, but not boiling water, and immerse the mascara in it for a few minutes. Make sure the lid is tightly closed to prevent water from getting inside.


Add one or two drops of aloe gel directly to the tube of mascara and shake it for two minutes. However, before using this method, make sure that the product you choose does not contain chemicals that can damage your eyes.


You can also use a few drops of castor oil or olive oil to revive dried mascara. However, if you want to not only restore the liquid consistency of your mascara, but also make it more beneficial for your lashes, you can use almond oil, for example, which contains a lot of vitamin E and fatty acids that moisturize your lashes and provide them with the necessary nutrition.

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