How to replace the Christmas tree for the New Year: five original ideas

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Literally anything can become a Christmas tree if you show a little imagination

There can be many reasons not to put up a traditional Christmas tree this Christmas season - from the desire for something original to a forced celebration away from home. In any case, modern designers offer a lot of ideas on how to replace the usual natural or artificial tree and at the same time fully preserve the spirit of the holiday.

OBOZ.UA asked for advice on this. And here are some ideas that will help you quickly and inexpensively assemble a symbol of Christmas from scrap materials. And save space.

Decorate a flowerpot

If you are fond of growing indoor plants, you can easily turn one of them into a "Christmas tree". All you need is a festive garland, a little rain, and maybe a few toys. Decorate a ficus or palm tree. You can even decorate a large monstera. Just be careful with plants such as the crassula, which can easily break off branches.

Create a "Christmas tree" on the wall

Designers advise the lucky owners of a sufficient amount of space on one of the walls to create an imitation of a Christmas tree on this free surface. The field for imagination is huge here. You can buy a green rain that looks like pine needles and hang it in tiers in the shape of a triangle, or attach a garland to the wall in the same way. Another spectacular option is to make wooden slats of different lengths with hooks, fix them on the wall, imitating a Christmas tree, and hang classic Christmas tree ornaments on the hooks. You can assemble suitable compositions from photos of friends you would like to invite to visit or holiday cards. In a triangular arrangement, it will be easy to guess a Christmas tree in any case.

Make a whole forest of miniature Christmas trees

This arrangement can be assembled even on a windowsill. Buy or borrow a few miniature Christmas trees - artificial trees, figurines, and even gingerbread in the shape of a tree. Moreover, you can make your own trees out of paper or small coniferous twigs. Arrange them on a small plane, decorate them with decorative snow, place gifts between them, and place candles (for safety, you can use candle-shaped LED lamps). And now you have a whole Christmas forest in miniature instead of one big tree. Garlands of twigs or dried flowers can also perfectly decorate such a composition.

Make a Christmas tree from a branch

During your next walk around the neighborhood, pay attention to the branches that are lying on the ground. Among them you can find one of an unusual original shape - beautifully branched and voluminous. Bring it home, wash it and dry it well. The base for the festive tree is ready. You can leave the branch in its original form, or you can paint it - in Christmas green, white or red, or any other shade. Put it in a beautiful vase and decorate it to your liking. You can choose traditional balloons, or you can, for example, bake Christmas cookies and use them as decor.

Use a ladder or tripod

If you have a household ladder or a camera tripod that folds into a triangular shape, you can turn it into a great Christmas tree too. Place the object so that it does not wobble or tip over, and decorate it with Christmas decor. By the way, you don't have to throw away such a "tree" after the holidays, it will continue to serve you faithfully.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told how to choose safe Christmas tree decorations for the festive home decor.

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