How to repair a broken nail at home: an easy way

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How to glue a broken nail at home

Neat nails are always in trend. It's not even about complicated art patterns or the once-popular extension – it's just about taking care of a healthy and well-groomed nail plate.

However, troubles can happen – nails tend to break at the most inconvenient moments. An unusual life hack is gaining popularity on the web that will help you "repair" a broken nail at home.

A popular life hack

In the age of social media, no one is short of beauty tips. Savvy professionals and nail art fans have shared a life hack on how to cope with an everyday problem without spending money and saving time.

The solution is very simple: a tea bag and some special glue is all you need to repair a broken nail. This unexpected method offers a creative and affordable solution.

Step-by-step instructions

This beauty life hack doesn't require any special skills – in fact, it's easy to recreate.

  1. First of all, you need to carefully polish your nail.
  2. Then, cut a small piece of tea bag, just big enough to cover the crack, and apply nail glue. Place the piece of tea bag on the broken area of the nail with tweezers and cover with another portion of glue.
  3. Wait for the glue to dry and use a nail file to file the nail to a smooth finish.
  4. At the end, you can add a base or colored coating.

Why this life hack is effective

The material used to make a tea bag creates a kind of protective barrier that helps the nail to recover quickly.

Be careful not to use this method if the nail is severely damaged, as it can harm the plate in the long run.

Regularly filing your nails and moisturizing them with special products containing oils are some of the main tips to follow daily to prevent brittle nails. Alternatively, you can make "baths" for nails with olive oil and lemon.

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