How to remove bindweed in the garden: popular methods of weed control

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These methods will help to remove one of the most difficult weeds to remove from the garden. Source: Created with the help of AI

Climbing weed, popularly known as bindweed, is one of the most difficult weeds to control. It has an extremely powerful root system that can penetrate the soil to a depth of 6 meters, and its stem grows up to 3 meters long. It is not easy to fight such a plant.

In addition to these qualities, bindweed reproduces extremely quickly and efficiently, producing up to 500 seeds per season that can germinate from a depth of up to 15 meters. That is, simple weeding or digging is not enough. In addition, it takes water away from cultivated plants and is a haven for many pests. Nevertheless, experienced gardeners have some very useful tips on how to remove bindweed from their plot. OBOZ.UA tells about their life hacks. For greater efficiency, these methods should be combined with each other.

Agricultural methods

Weeding can be effective against bindweed in the fall and spring, when you can cut and collect its roots. They must be removed very carefully, because even a small particle can grow a new bindweed. It is best to use a pitchfork to deal with it. All collected particles should be burned. And pluck out the green parts of the weed at least once a week.

The bindweed is also afraid of mulch and other covering materials. If you cover the area infected with it from sunlight, the shoots of the plant will die and you will have to carefully remove the roots, because this plant is perennial and will sprout from them again next year.

It will also be useful to reduce the acidity of the soil. To kill the weed, try adding ash or lime to the soil.

Biological methods

Green manure that is used to enrich the soil can also help control bindweed. Sow the beds with one of these plants, and try to sow them densely so that there is no room for the roots of other species. And when they grow to 20-30 cm, but before flowering, mow them down and leave them lying on the ground. When the stems and leaves are slightly overripe, dig them into the ground. During this time, the shoots of the bindweed will die under the layer of green manure. Don't forget to remove all of its roots.

The above-mentioned mulching can also be called a biological method, even if you use slate or black plastic wrap to cover the ground. But for a really tangible effect, you need to mulch and cover the garden over a large area to prevent the bindweed from reseeding and spreading from neighboring areas.

Folk life hacks

You can prepare effective weed killers yourself. Here are some recipes.

Dissolve 1.2 kg of salt in 10 liters of water. Spray this solution on the areas of land most affected by the weed. You should also sprinkle the plant itself.

A concentrated soda solution will help to kill the green part of the bindweed. Prepare a liquid from 10 liters of water and 2 kg of soda powder and sprinkle it on the weed. But try not to get it on neighboring crops.


Even more effective are chemical herbicides, which can be purchased at any gardening store. Long-acting herbicides will destroy not only the bindweed, but all plants in the treated area, so they should be applied before sowing or after the season. Selective herbicides work only on specific plants without harming crops and can be used even in high season. Some products need to be dug into the soil, while others are applied to the weeds themselves. Ask your consultants to help you choose the right chemical for your specific conditions.

When applying the herbicide, be sure to follow all instructions on the package. Do not exceed the concentration and method of application, and do not use herbicides in the heat. Also, read all safety precautions and take care to protect yourself from the substance. Wear safety goggles, a respirator, gloves, and rubber boots for the treatment. Do not eat or smoke anything until you have completed all the work, and try not to touch your face at all. Wash your face thoroughly with soap and water after you have processed the garden.

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