How to predict the future with coffee grounds: three steps to see the future

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The perfect day for fortune-telling with coffee grounds

Not everyone knows that after Halloween, some countries celebrate another mystical holiday. November 1 is the Day of Coffee Grounds Divination.

According to Celebratoday, there is indeed a certain connection between these holidays. It is believed that a portal to the afterlife opens on Halloween, so the next day's predictions can be very accurate.

According to the Greek Reporter, the tradition of telling fortunes on the remains of a drink originated in China, where green tea leaves were used to tell fortunes. With the spread of the tradition, people began to turn to coffee grounds, which lie on the walls and bottom of the cup in complex patterns, for answers. This practice is called tasseography, or tasseomancy. Some people perceive it as entertainment, others take it seriously. We will tell you how to do it correctly and how to read the signs written on coffee.

How to read coffee grounds correctly

People who read coffee grounds professionally say that the emotional, physical, and mental state of a person affects the pattern that remains in the cup after they drink coffee. Based on this pattern, you can make predictions about your personal life, financial well-being, career, and many other issues. To do this, take three steps.

First, you need to prepare for the ritual properly. Only natural coffee brewed in a Turkish pot can tell the future. The required proportion is 1 tablespoon of ground beans per 100 ml of water. It is important to prevent the drink from "escaping" from the Turk during brewing. Pour the coffee into a plain white, regular-shaped cup so that nothing distorts the results. No sugar or milk should be added.

Then the person being divined should concentrate on the question they are looking for the answer to, take the cup with their left hand and, thinking about their question, slowly drink the coffee, savoring each sip. At the bottom of the cup, there should be a thick layer with a small amount of liquid so that it can slowly drain down the walls.

Now you can start the divination. Lay the cup on its side and turn it clockwise three times to distribute the grounds over the walls. Pour out the excess through the side where the handle is attached, turn the cup upside down on a saucer or napkin, and leave it there for about a minute. This should allow the pattern to form completely.

Interpretation of symbols

Before looking into the cup, try to clear your mind and then focus on the symbols you see. Don't try to look at the symbols too closely - as a rule, the first association is always the most accurate. Experienced coffee grounds divination masters say that the really important messages are always surprisingly clear and understandable.

At the bottom of the cup, you will see symbols related to the past. The middle part of the cup will tell you about the present. And look for omens of the future at the edges.

Most often, you will come across geometric shapes. Here's what they mean:


Vertical stripes on the walls of the cup symbolize a person's aspirations. If the line stretches all the way to the edge of the cup, it is the most positive answer to the question that the person asked themselves before drinking coffee - the desire will come true, the goal will be achieved and a bright future will be ahead. But interrupted lines are a bad sign.


Dots are most often associated with coins, i.e. wealth. Thus, a cluster of dots promises good earnings and financial stability in the future.


Triangular patterns symbolize change. Whether it is for the better or the worse depends on where the "arrow" is pointing.


Round symbols are a good sign. They symbolize completeness, perfection, and success.


Square and rectangular shapes promise comfort, tranquility, and portend pleasant, carefree days.

You can often see numbers in the cup. Look closely at the symbol next to which you notice a number - next to a line, it can mean the time it will take you to reach your goal. And the number itself can portend something specific:

0 means repetition;

1 - a new beginning;

2 - a crossroads, a fork in the road;

3 - a meeting

4 - an upcoming trouble;

5 - success;

6 - sex;

7 - the beginning of a new relationship;

8 - good luck;

9 - opportunity.

Here is a small list of symbols you can see in coffee grounds and their interpretations.

A car means getting closer to wealth.

Shark - danger of death.

Angel - good news, especially in love affairs.

A bouquet means great luck, such as the beginning of a good friendship, success, or a happy personal life.

Sheep - prosperity and success.

Mountain - a powerful friend or, if there are many mountains, powerful enemies.

Mushroom - sudden separation of lovers after a quarrel.

Pear - wealth, social status, possibly a financially profitable business trip or a successful marriage in terms of wealth.

Trees - good luck, prosperity and happiness.

House - success in business.

Dragon - big and sudden changes.

Unicorn - a scandal.

Castle, palace - unexpected profits, both monetary and otherwise.

A star - good luck, if surrounded by dots - financial success.

Snakes - a warning of something bad, a call to vigilance.

A hat - success in life.

A dagger - help from friends.

A ring - marriage, if there is a letter next to it, it is the initial of the future partner, if the ring is below, it means that the marriage will fail or be unsuccessful, if the ring is surrounded by clouds, it means an unhappy marriage.

Goat - enemies

Wheel - inheritance.

Compasses - business travel.

Clover - great luck, happiness and prosperity.

Ship - a successful journey.

Cow - prosperity.

Crown - success and honor.

Swan - good luck and happiness in your personal life.

Fox - a stab in the back from a close friend.

A letter - news, if there are letters next to it, the initials of the person who will bring this news, if there are dots next to it, it will be news about money, however, if the image is fuzzy, it is news about losing money.

Aircraft, such as airplanes or balloons - unsuccessful projects.

People - the interpretation changes depending on what they are doing, but the symbol of people is usually a good omen.

Butterfly - success and pleasure.

Sword - quarrels, especially between lovers, a broken sword means that the enemy will win.

Bridge - a good trip.

The moon - happiness and success, a crescent means prosperity.

Hammer - overcoming difficulties.

Knife - quarrels and hatred that will lead to disaster.

Scissors - quarrels, breakups, illness.

Eagle - honor and wealth achieved through a change of home.

Umbrella - difficulties, irritation.

Rat - losses due to enemies or employees.

Saw - troubles that come from strangers.

Horseshoe - success in choosing a partner; a successful trip.

Hourglass - imminent danger.

Pistol - disharmony, slander.

Birds - good luck, perhaps a good trip.

Reptiles - quarrels.

Fish - good news from another country.

Pig - a faithful lover, but jealous friends.

Candle - insight, a good idea.

Heart - something good awaits ahead, if the heart is surrounded by dots, it means money, if it is surrounded by a ring, it means marriage.

Elephant - good luck and good health.

Owl - illness, poverty, warnings against starting a new business, deception in love, and other unfortunate events.

Axe - overcoming problems.

Pine - prosperity.

Stairs - traveling.

A coffin - a prolonged illness or death of a loved one.

Clouds - serious troubles, if they are not surrounded by dots, clouds with dots portend financial success.

A cross means trouble, delay or death.

Worms are secret enemies.

A kettle - death.

Boat - you should expect a friend to visit.

Apples - long life, success in education or business.

An anchor means good luck in business and a stable love life, but if this symbol is unclear, it should be interpreted as the opposite.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, a coffee recipe from chef Marco Cervetti is perfect for making a drink for divination.

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