How to paint lips with lipstick: a life hack that will change your makeup

Yulia PoteriankoNews
A life hack allows you to forget about uneven lipstick application forever

When painting lips with lipstick, the most difficult thing is not to smear it or apply it crookedly. That's why many makeup lovers have begun to prefer liquid lipsticks with an applicator to tubes to increase their control over application.

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who has worked with Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham, and Karlie Kloss, showed on her TikTok why you shouldn't give up the usual lipstick format. She demonstrated how to apply it comfortably to avoid smudging.

Usually, a new lipstick has a beveled and flat tip on one side. This is supposed to be the tip that you use to paint your lips. Hughes's advice is to turn the lipstick to the opposite side and apply it with the convex part.

As the makeup artist explained, this method allows you to better see the edge of the lip and, accordingly, control the application of the product. So that the audience could compare the effectiveness of the life hack for themselves, she painted one half of the lip in her own way and the other half in the usual way. By applying lipstick in a non-standard way, she explained that she felt she had "more control."

She called the traditional application "more cumbersome". This way, according to Hughes, it is easier to go beyond the lip line and smudge the makeup.

She also advised to start applying makeup from the point where the lips close, rather than from the outer edge. This also improves the visibility of the application.

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