How to make your glowing eyeshadow as bright as possible: tips

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Shimmer eyeshadows are often frustrating because of their weak pigmentation, but this can be easily corrected

Shimmering eyeshadow adds a festive touch to eye makeup. But the presence of a shimmer can make the color of the product less pronounced, which never happens with matte eyeshadows. Is there any way to fix this drawback?

Professional makeup artists say that it is possible and even necessary. OBOZ.UA asked them about their secrets on how to achieve a rich shade from shimmering eyeshadow. The main advice is to choose the right base for them.

There are several ways to unleash the potential of color. For example, treat your eyeshadow brush with a setting spray before applying the product. This way you will apply more eyeshadow. Some life hacks include using concealer, eye pencils, or eyeliners. But none works as effectively as applying an eyeshadow base.

And the effect you get as a result depends on the color of the base. According to Instagram blogger @roseandben, a white base is better for creating daytime looks. But the black one will help to create dramatic evening makeup.

To demonstrate the difference, the blogger applied a white base to one eye and a black base to the other. Then she covered them with the same shimmering purple eyeshadow. In the first case, the effect was that of shimmering pearls with a slight purple tint. In the second case, the color was fully revealed.

For comparison, the girl applied a little bit of the same eyeshadow without any base. As a result, she got only a light shimmer with almost no color.

The same principle applies to makeup as to painting walls or drawing pictures. Without a high-quality primer, the color does not fully reveal itself. A base coat helps a colored product, in this case shimmery eyeshadow, look brighter depending on the color. But such a coating should not be confused with a regular primer, which simply helps to apply the shadows evenly without creating a specific background for them.

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