How to make perfect makeup faster: five tricks for the lazy

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You don't have to spend a lot of time and effort to apply everyday makeup - the "lazy girl" method will help.

Sometimes you don't want to spend time putting on makeup in the morning and sleep a little more instead. But you don't want to give up makeup either. What should you do in this case?

The "lazy girl" approach will help. It helps you maximize your results with a minimum of effort. These smart tips and tricks simplify the makeup routine, proving that sometimes less is more. The key is to use universal products and simple methods of applying them. OBOZ.UA tells you more about these life hacks.

Replace foundation with BB cream

In order not to waste time applying a lot of primers, foundations, and moisturizers, you can buy just one tube of BB cream. This cosmetic balm is a typical all-in-one product that provides moisturization, coverage, and often SPF protection to boot. It is the perfect solution for evening out skin tone in one simple step.

One product for lips and cheeks

You don't have to waste time wearing lipstick and blush. A small drop of lip gloss, if you blend it well, will quickly give your face a fresh look. It can also be used for eye makeup, resulting in a fashionable look in one color.

Finger application

Using a bunch of brushes and sponges for makeup is very tiring and not necessary at all. You can apply and blend everything well with your fingers. The warmth of your fingertips helps the product melt into the skin, giving your makeup a more natural look. This trick will be especially effective with creamy textures.

Nude eye liner

If you want to make your eyes look bigger and your look fresh, just apply a nude eyeliner to your water line. It doesn't look as harsh as white eyeliner, and it creates the illusion of a bright look even without the need for eyeshadow.

Dry shampoo

You don't have to spend time washing your hair every day. A dry shampoo will help you freshen up your hair in minutes. Apply it at the roots of your hair and wait a little while for the product to remove excess oil from your hair, then comb your hair and shape it.

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