How to make makeup as natural as possible: simple secrets

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How to make makeup look natural. Source: Created with the help of AI

Makeup is an area for self-expression in which there are no strict rules. The best tips are aimed at emphasizing the natural beauty and radiance of the skin.

A life hack that will help you achieve a flawless skin tone while making your makeup look as natural as possible is gaining popularity online. After the era of clear and rich contouring, the trend is now towards a minimalist approach.

Social media is now full of tips and techniques aimed at achieving a fresh, natural-looking complexion with a natural flush. Professional makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes shared an effective technique for applying foundation. Instead of brushing directly on the face, Hughes suggests rubbing the foundation brush into the palm of your hand in a circular motion before applying.

This life hack will ensure that the foundation is evenly distributed, preventing the notorious effect of the cream clumping or rolling into wrinkles. The end result is a complexion that radiates a natural glow. This method of applying makeup eliminates the risk of overloading the skin with too much product.

You can also use alternatives such as tinted moisturizers, BB or CC creams. These products provide lightweight coverage, allowing your skin to glow. You can also use concealer selectively on blemishes or redness and then apply translucent powder.

Choosing the best natural foundation depends on your skin type and preferences. Look for brands that offer mineral or water-based foundations, as they tend to provide a more natural finish.

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