How to make makeup 10 times more durable and natural: simple tips

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How to make makeup 10 times more durable and natural

Makeup is a great way to express yourself and emphasize your beauty, but it can be difficult to make it lasting and natural at the same time. Usually, women use a lot of moisturizer and apply cosmetics in a thicker layer, but it still doesn't give the desired result.

Unstable makeup makes you constantly spend time touching it up, which is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to pore contamination. Therefore, to prevent you from having to touch your skin once again during the day, Refinery29 has shared tips that will make your makeup look better.

Every woman has to find her approach to makeup because we are all unique and have different skin types with their own characteristics. However, some tips will be useful for everyone.

Easy step-by-step care

Skin condition directly affects the quality of makeup. Many people know this, so they cleanse their skin and use moisturizer. But, to keep your face moisturized for as long as possible and not greasy from the cream, you should use lightweight care products and apply them in thin layers.

You can first use a watery essence, then a light serum with niacinamide, and only then a light gel-based moisturizer and SPF. But do not apply all of this at the same time, wait until the cosmetics are absorbed into the skin.

Also, don't moisturize your face just before applying makeup, make it your routine.

How to make makeup 10 times more durable and natural: simple tips


Primer is considered to be the best way to increase the durability of makeup. But if you take good care of your skin, you can skip this step.

In addition, most primers have a silicone layer, which is not suitable for all people. So, if you're usually not happy with the way your makeup looks, try skipping this step.

Barrier moisturizing stick

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, first understand the difference between the two. Dry skin is a skin type, while dehydrated skin is a skin condition. But in both cases, a barrier moisturizing stick will help you.

It's essentially a balm for your face that you can throw in your bag and carry around. They usually contain moisturizing squalane, made from a blend of ceramides that help your skin retain moisture.

Use this product on the driest and most mobile areas of your face.


First, try mixing several shades of blush and adding a dash of bronzer to make it look more natural.

Secondly, you can apply blush as a color corrector. Golden-bronze and pink tones can be applied to the cheeks, nose, and eyelids and around the eyes. This will allow you to skip the classic color correction, but achieve the desired effect.

Applying blush under the eyes is especially important if you have dark circles and decide to use a moisturizing stick instead of concealer. Pink or peach tones will balance out any blue or green color, giving you a refreshed and natural look.


Women usually apply concealer as the first step of their makeup routine, but try changing the approach. After you've moisturized your skin, applied blush and bronzer, try applying concealer only to problem areas. You will notice that this way you will use very little cosmetic product, which is quite economical and looks natural.

In addition, there will not be a thick layer of cosmetics on the mobile areas of your face, so you don't have to worry about makeup getting distorted.

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