How to make eyelashes longer: a life hack that really works

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Life hack for spectacular eye makeup

Whether you're trying to create the most delicate and discreet makeup look or want to accentuate your look with bright colors, it will not complete without a few swipes of mascara. If you have tested many popular brands but still haven't gotten the promised advertising effect of crazy lengthening, read on.

In fact, the secret lies in the right brush and application technique. Experts told us how to make eyelashes longer.

Recently, a technique called "mascara cocktailing" has been gaining popularity on the Internet. It involves using several brushes to give your lashes extra volume, length, and definition. However, it is not new as makeup artists have been using combinations to give their eyes an accentuated expression for decades.

Makeup artist Neil Scibelli noted that the combination should be selected individually, depending on the natural thickness and length of the eyelashes and the desired effect.

"We're used to using a single, one-size-fits-all method, but I think it's better to use different types of brushes and combining lash products in a way that lengthens and deeply saturates with pigment," Scibelli said.

Let's say you use your favorite mascara for volume. When you apply multiple coats, you don't always get that impressive length. However, if you use an additional curling or lengthening mascara, you'll get a new finish because this brush will have a different effect.

To begin with, the makeup artist recommends applying a lengthening mascara that has a more delicate formula.

For the second layer, you should choose a volumizing mascara or a spectacular formula with a separating brush. You can use a double-ended curved brush that adds volume without leaving unsightly clumps.

If you prefer a waterproof mascara, it should be the last in your application journey. It is worth paying attention to mascaras containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, as well as keratin as these components will nourish the eyelashes and cover them with a waterproof layer.

To get the maximum result, you should wait about a minute for each mascara to harden slightly before applying the next layer.

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