How to make dimple on your cheeks with makeup: a simple life hack

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Not everyone has dimples on their cheeks by nature, but they can be created with the help of makeup magic

Dimples on the cheeks are an unusually cute feature of appearance that adds a special charm to a smile. However, not everyone has dimples, so you can use a beauty life hack that is gaining popularity on social media - it allows you to create the illusion of this feature with makeup.

A short lesson on creating dimples was published by Indian blogger Priyanka Jazmin. All you need is concealer and a contouring tool.

Start by cleansing your face and applying moisturizer. This will help your makeup go on better.

Next, cover your skin with your usual foundation. Your complexion should be smooth and even for the trick to work.

Now create magic with the help of contouring. Smile and you will see the muscle fold where the dimple should be located. Apply a small strip of dark concealer on this spot, and on both sides of it, a strip of light concealer. Blend thoroughly with a sponge.

Finally, apply a light highlighter or lighter concealer to the area directly above the artificial dimples. This will enhance the illusion of depth. To ensure that the contouring lasts all day, set the makeup with translucent powder. Now, when you smile, this trick will imitate natural dimples.

This life hack will have the best effect on photos. In person, especially at close range, the painted dimples will look less convincing.

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