How to look expensive without spending money: five fashionable life hacks

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A well-groomed look and restrained colors are the key to an "expensive" look

What does the phrase "looking expensive" mean to you? Most likely, you mean a rather neat and stylish look that gives the impression of someone who has the money and time to take good care of their appearance.

The truth is that this look can be achieved without significant investments. OBOZ.UA talks about 5 life hacks that can radically change your style and vibe without requiring any significant investment.

Choose gold jewelry

You don't have to buy real gold. But it's worth keeping in mind that golden fittings, details, and jewelry used in the image subconsciously give people the impression of a high status of the interlocutor. But be careful about the amount of such jewelry and give preference to simple shapes and clear designs to look stylish and not like a Christmas tree.

Don't chase fashion

A basic capsule wardrobe will cost you relatively little, even if you want to build it from scratch. But it will open up endless room for creativity, especially when you add a few accent pieces or accessories to it. Such a set is unlikely to go out of style and will definitely save you time getting ready in the morning. So, give preference to neutral base colors and simple, versatile styles, adding one or two accents to each look, and you will always look like you have a stylist working with you.

Choose clean shapes and silhouettes

Things that hold their shape well always look more expensive than soft and shapeless ones. And even more stylish. Of course, you don't have to wear a strict suit with sharp shoulder pads and impeccably ironed arrows every day. Just add at least one structured item (bag, jacket, glasses, shoes) to your look, and you'll see a striking difference.

Give preference to neutral colors

Only people with an impeccable sense of color can look luxurious in an outfit made up of several bright shades. And this is a rather rare gift. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you have this gift, stylists advise you to base your wardrobe on black, white, gray, and beige items. The neutral range also includes navy blue, olive, apricot, powdery pink, and wine. They are easy to combine with each other. And you can also add bright accents. You can't go wrong with a shade if you add a neon top or bright red shoes to a neutral look. It will also look like the work of a professional stylist.

Spend less on things and more on self-care

Even in the most expensive couture items, you won't look expensive if you have bad teeth, untidy nails, tousled hair, or unshaped eyebrows. And we're not even talking about trendy colored manicures or elaborate makeup. It's enough to take good care of your skin and hair, do hygienic nail care, adjust the shape of your eyebrows from time to time, and visit the dentist on time. A fresh, healthy look is what brings true luxury to the image.

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