How to "lift" your face in minutes: a simple life hack from a makeup artist

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How to use makeup to tighten your face

When choosing cosmetics, you should take into account many nuances: from skin type and moisture level to the presence of wrinkles. With age, you also have to adjust your daily skincare routine, paying more attention to moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

You can also tighten your face with makeup. Experts told us about a simple life hack that will give your skin a glow.

The secret to perfect makeup

Makeup artist Shafron Hughes has shared a simple trick to help conceal dark circles under the eyes and shallow wrinkles, giving your skin a more toned look. All you need is a quality concealer.

An ingenious tip is to draw three triangles: one under the eyes, one near the nose, and one in the corners of the mouth. According to Hughes, this special arrangement can reduce the appearance of dark circles and hide facial wrinkles.

This technique mimics the lifting effect of a cosmetic procedure.

"Whether you're new to contouring or have some experience, this finishing touch is pretty easy for everyone. You will be able to hide key signs of aging, such as dark circles and smile lines," the makeup artist said.

How to apply concealer

Use a brush or applicator to draw a small rectangular triangle under the inner corner of the eye. It is important not to overdo it - the triangle should not exceed a third of the length of the nose.

The concealer brightens the area and covers dark shadows, while the triangular shape emphasizes the "strong area" without excessive use of the product.

The same effect occurs if you draw a triangle next to the nostrils. This not only reduces the appearance of smile lines, but also contours the nose and makes it look smaller at the same time.

Finally, if you apply a triangle under both sides of the outer lip, you will get a tightening effect, creating almost a hint of a smile.

The advantage of triangular contouring is that you can actually skip blush and get the benefits of a lift with just an application of concealer.

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