How to lift a drooping eyelid with makeup: a "magic" life hack

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Eye makeup with a droopy eyelid. Source: Created with the help of AI

Each eye shape has its special beauty. Of course, there are certain nuances, for example, a drooping eyelid can prevent you from making makeup with pronounced black arrows. This is not a flaw, but just a feature that requires a little more effort to achieve the desired result.

The special shape of the eyes, in which the skin fold covers the upper eyelid, can be enhanced with the help of effective life hacks. Experts share their best tips on how to hide a droopy eyelid.

How to lift a droopy eyelid

Applying makeup to a droopy eyelid requires certain skills and knowledge. In addition, the limited space of the upper eyelid makes it easy to smudge eyeliners, shadows, or liners. Therefore, using traditional methods can make the eyes appear smaller. Professional makeup artist Ankush Bahuguni tells us how to emphasize the shape of your eyes and make your gaze more expressive.

You will need:

  • eye shadow primer;
  • shimmering eyeshadow;
  • thin liner;
  • brushes for applying makeup.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. First of all, use a good quality primer to prevent makeup from getting on the eyelids.
  2. Use a flat brush to create a crease, a thin pencil brush to fill in the inner corners of the eyes, and blend everything with a fluffy brush.
  3. Thick black arrows are a taboo for droopy eyelids. You need to emphasize the shape with thin, careful lines on the outside of the eyes.
  4. Apply shimmering eyeshadow under the brow bone, inside the corners of the eyes, and to the end of the eyelids
  5. Shade the eyelid with a pencil to make your lashes look expressive.
How to lift a drooping eyelid with makeup: a ''magic'' life hack

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