How to highlight cheekbones and distract attention from the neck with makeup: an anti-aging life hack

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Properly emphasized neck and cheekbones can significantly rejuvenate the entire look

Women have a lot of tools in their arsenal to look younger – from hair dye to complex care procedures. But some nuances cannot be hidden, such as wrinkles on the neck. However, they can be dealt with if you choose the right makeup.

Thus, blogger Miss Melissa M, who gives advice to women over the age of 40, advises to emphasize the cheekbones. It will help to visually distract attention from the condition of the neck and make the image younger in general.

According to her, proper contouring will visually tighten the problem area. To do this, you only need a sculpting tool and a fan-shaped wide brush.

Age-related changes in the neck become noticeable almost at the earliest because the muscles here stretch and the thin skin begins to sag. Being overweight often only exacerbates the problem.

You can get rid of this impression by visually lengthening your neck. A matte bronzer powder can help with this.

Take a small amount of the product on a brush, shake off the excess, and sweep it under the chin. Next, the bronzer will need to be shaded to the corners of the jaw. This will visually tighten the jawline and make it more defined.

After that, from the center of the chin downwards, you need to draw lines like an inverted letter Y. These lines should be carefully shaded to make them barely noticeable. This will make the neck look thinner.

And finally, apply a little of the same bronzer or blush to the cheekbones. But do not put it on the apples of your cheeks, which stand out when you smile, but on the top of the bone. This will stretch your face even more and make it look younger.

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