How to get the best airplane seats for free: 5 tricks

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Lack of legroom is one of the most common complaints of air passengers

One of the most common complaints among airline passengers is the lack of legroom near the seat. Due to the tightly arranged seats, tall passengers have difficulty standing up.

Some airline customers even agree to pay extra for seats with extra legroom, which carriers are happy to do. Meanwhile, the Daily Star has listed as many as 5 ways to get such a seat for free.

Avoid early check-in

This tip is best suited for those who travel alone or don't mind sitting separately from their companion. In this case, patience at check-in can be rewarded by the airline checking you into a seat with extra space for free simply because this seat was left unoccupied for some reason.

Use loyalty programs for frequent flyers

Airlines often have loyalty programs for those passengers who frequently use their services, but they don't advertise them too much. So, take a step forward and ask the carrier you frequently use if you are entitled to additional privileges. These may include priority boarding, extra hand luggage, and, of course, extra legroom.

Choose seats in the first row

If you are going to fly on a large airplane with a cabin divided into classes, feel free to take a seat near the partition. Yes, you'll have to look at a blank wall for the entire flight, but you'll be able to sit with extra comfort. After all, most of us look at the screen of our gadgets during the flight anyway.

Try to take a risk

If you are traveling with someone else, try to outsmart the system. When checking in, book seats in the same row near the window and in the aisle so that the middle seat remains free. If the flight is not full, it is likely that no one will choose this seat and you will have extra legroom. If a stranger does sit between you, just politely ask to change seats so that you can sit with your fellow traveler. For such negotiations, you will have a trump card in your hands, such as a window seat. If you are willing to give it up, of course.

Get notifications

There are mobile apps and websites that can notify you when a seat becomes available on the flight you want. Also, there's nothing wrong with asking the airline staff at the check-in counter if you can move to a more spacious seat. After all, sometimes the risk is worth it.

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