How to get rid of wireworms in the garden without chemicals: an inventive method

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How to get rid of a wireworm in the garden without chemicals. Source: freepik.com

Agriculture and gardening involve not only plant care but also pest control. One of the most dangerous parasites in the garden is the wireworm, the larva of the click beetle.

This pest can cause significant damage to the crop, as it feeds on the roots of many crops. The agronomist told us about the best method of controlling it.

Potatoes are particularly affected by the wireworm. If you do not control the number of larvae, the crop can be seriously damaged. These pests can also spoil seedlings after they are planted in the ground. They probably won't harm peppers and eggplants, but the juicy roots and stems of tomatoes and cucumbers are in great danger.

Control of the wireworm should be regular and systematic. Every year, measures must be taken to reduce the number of this pest. Experts do not advise using chemicals for this purpose, as they are quite expensive, toxic and often do not give the desired result.

Catching a wireworm with live bait

This is the best method of wireworm control, which can significantly reduce the pest population without harming the environment. In fact, it is quite labor-intensive, so it is worth using for owners of small gardens.

Since wireworms most often spoil potatoes, the bait will be made from them. Large tubers should be cut in half, and small ones should be simply strung on sticks or skewers and buried about 10-15 cm into the ground. The distance between them should be 80-100 cm.

As long as there are no other plants in the garden, all pests will feast on your bait, so it will be easy to catch them.

Leave the potatoes in the soil and check the traps every 2-3 days. Dig up the potatoes and collect the larvae that have gathered around the bait. After that, bury the tubers back in the soil for reuse.

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