How to emphasize freckles: your face will look bright and fresh

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How to emphasize freckles on the face. Source: Created with the help of A.L.

Freckles are a very pretty feature. There is something about freckles that adds incredible charm. Perhaps it's an association with childhood or memories of warm summer days – it is said that those with freckles "are loved by the sun."

You should not hide this feature and cover it with a huge layer of foundation or powder. Experts told us how to naturally emphasize freckles with makeup to make your face look bright and fresh.

A tinted cream with a moisturizing effect will help even out the complexion – it gently covers unevenness but is transparent enough not to hide freckles. In areas that need a little more coverage, you can use a concealer brush to apply concealer and then blend it with your fingers.

You can also turn your favorite concealer into a tinted moisturizer by mixing it with face lotion.

Fashion experts say that freckles are a special trend. Some celebrities even imitate freckles by painting them. Take a light brown eyebrow pencil or liquid eyeliner, and lightly draw a few dots on the bridge of your nose and cheeks. Blend them lightly with your fingers or a sponge to blend the sharp edges.

To make them look as natural as possible, draw freckles in a random order. Remember, real freckles are scattered all over the face with different spaces between them. If you have a small pimple or spot, imitating freckles is the perfect way to hide the flaw.

The last step is to apply fixing powder, blush, and bronzer to your face to get the perfect look.

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