How to cure plants from rust stains: tips for summer residents

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How to cure plants from rust stains. Source: freepik.com

Rust is a common fungal disease that can affect various plants, both garden and indoor. It not only spoils the appearance of crops but can also lead to their death.

The development of rust can cause leaves and shoots to dry out and die. Floristix told us how to deal with this dangerous disease.

Rust is usually caused by microorganisms carried by wind and insects. The disease causes the leaves to dry out, as well as reduces yields, winter hardiness, has a bad effect on yields and, in advanced cases, can lead to plant death.

Symptoms of rust

The most characteristic symptom of rust is reddish convex spots or streaks on the leaf margins and sometimes on the stems. Yellow spots can be seen on the upper side of the leaves.

If the disease is left untreated, velvety spots with fungal spores will form in place of the rusty spots.

How to cure plants from rust stains: tips for summer residents

Measures against rust

As soon as you notice signs of the disease on your plants, you should immediately remove any damaged leaves. If you don't do this in time, the rust will progress and you will have to fight it with special preparations.

Experts recommend using the following fungicides: Topaz, Abiga-Peak, Bactofit, Fitosporin, and a one percent Bordeaux mixture. You will have to treat the plants twice. The first time – as soon as you notice the disease, and the second – 1-2 weeks after the first spraying.


The best way to fight any disease is prevention.

Do not forget to carry out preventive treatments with fungicides. You also need to take good care of the plants, namely sowing at the right time, fertilizing, watering on time, etc. All these things will increase the resistance of your garden to diseases.

Experts also recommend clearing the area of plant residues after harvesting, digging up the area, and treating the seeds before sowing.

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