How to cover up a pimple and what makeup mistakes to avoid: simple instructions

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Knowing how to apply makeup correctly will help you to always look flawless. After all, we all know the invariable pattern: if you have an important event scheduled, you can be sure that a pimple will break out on your face the day before. It's never a bad idea to remind you once again that pimples should never be picked or squeezed, especially with dirty hands.

Makeup artists and dermatologists told us about the most effective and safe ways to hide these little imperfections. A few simple steps will help you to disguise acne.

Tip 1

You should always start with cleansing. If you put makeup on uncleaned skin, you risk getting bacteria into your pores, which can cause inflammation and infection. This can lead to other breakouts.

If you don't have time for a full facial cleansing, at least use micellar water because micelles act like magnets, pulling oil, dirt, and debris out of the pores for a deeper cleanse.

Tip 2

After the cleansing stage, move on to assessing the situation. If the face is red and hyperpigmented, Ulta Beauty Pro Deney Adam experts advise starting with a concealer to neutralize the discoloration. To smooth out redness, use a green concealer, and to counteract hyperpigmentation, use a peach concealer. Apply a small amount of concealer directly to the pimple and gently blend it with your finger or a small flat brush.

Tip 3

Once you have neutralized the spot, move on to a regular concealer that suits your skin type.

Dermatologist Dandy Engelman, MD, who works at leading clinics in New York City, does not recommend using a large, fluffy powder brush for spot treatments. First, the makeup application tool for inflamed skin must be sterile and disinfected. Secondly, a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush is functionally better suited to ensure the most accurate application of the product.

Tip 4

Of course, some pimples are so noticeable that concealer alone won't help. In such cases, Engelman recommends using a clean pimple patch before applying makeup.

"For spots that are more difficult to conceal, I recommend using clear acne patches and even applying concealer to them so that they can blend seamlessly into your skin/makeup," Engelman said. If you use this life hack, you may need to use a thicker concealer to mask the edges of the sticker.

What mistakes to avoid

  1. The most important thing is not to use dirty makeup brushes or sponges on pimples, as this can increase irritation and increase the likelihood of infection.
  2. Do not apply concealer or foundation directly to the pimple with a stick or applicator. This can introduce bacteria from the pimple into the entire concealer or foundation bottle, which can trigger new breakouts.
  3. Cosmetics should be applied to pimples with cleaned brushes or directly with your fingers.
  4. Certain ingredients, such as alcohol and talcum powder, can cause skin conditions to worsen. Engelman emphasized that even natural products, such as coconut oil, are harmful to acne because of the fatty acids that are on the surface of the skin.
  5. Another prohibited ingredient is silicons. Silicons form a layer on the skin, trapping bacteria and sebum in the pores.
  6. Avoid shimmering or shining products – they will only visually emphasize the pimple.

Allow the skin to breathe

In general, Engelman says it's important to let your skin breathe during the healing process, especially if you have open lesions.

"The best way to deal with a pimple is to put a band-aid on it or leave it alone," the dermatologist said.

This does not mean that you should give up makeup altogether. It is only important to minimize the accumulation of harmful components in areas prone to acne and avoid products that can increase irritation or delay the healing process.

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