How to accelerate the growth of indoor plants: a little-known trick

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Foil will help to enhance and diffuse sunlight for plants. Source: Created with the help of AI

For intensive growth, indoor plants need plenty of sunlight in addition to watering and fertilizing. But how can you provide them with the right amount of light if, say, you have a dark apartment or north-facing windows?

Home gardening enthusiasts recommend using an item designed for the kitchen. Namely, aluminum foil. OBOZ.UA understood the nuances of this life hack.

You've probably seen foil devices used to create soft lighting during photo shoots more than once. The shiny material can reflect light and direct it to the right points. But at the same time, it creates a soft glare – it does not concentrate the sun's rays in one spot.

And this is exactly what the plant needs – diffused sunlight directed directly at the leaves. Therefore, foil will help create such a reflective screen for it.

To make the simplest design, take two long skewers and cut a piece of aluminum foil, about half the diameter of the pot. Wrap the edges of the foil around the skewers to hold it well, and secure this screen in the ground with the shiny side facing the plant. Finally, turn the pot so that the foil reflects as much light from the window as possible. The rays will envelop the plant and help it grow faster.

You can also create a "sun box" for the flowerpot. To do this, take a cardboard box that is 5 cm taller than the plant. Cut out the bottom and one of the walls of the box. Stick foil inside. Now you can use this box to cover the flowerpot - the flower will receive an increased amount of light. The downside of this method is that you won't be able to admire your plant. However, such a box will help it maintain good condition and active growth even on cloudy and short days.

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