How often to water roses: tips from experienced gardeners

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Delicate roses are very sensitive to improper watering. Source: Created with the help of AI

Different types of roses decorate our gardens with blooms from May until the coldest weather. But to ensure a truly lush bloom, you need to take proper care of the plant, including watering it, because the flower is quite sensitive to drought.

OBOZ.UA found out how to water roses properly. Here is what experienced gardeners advise.

How much water do roses need

An adult rose bush has a developed root system that penetrates deep into the ground and absorbs water from the deep layers of the soil. That is why such flowers need to be watered infrequently – about once a week. Young plants, on the other hand, need regular watering until they take root properly. In any case, it is better to apply a lot of water. Here are the approximate rates:

  • shrub rose – 5 liters per plant;
  • climbing roses – up to 15 liters, depending on the weather;
  • ground cover rose – 10-15 liters.

Also, keep in mind that plants planted near surfaces that heat up quickly need more thorough watering in dry weather. We are talking about flowers planted against a house wall or under a fence.

How to water roses properly

The sensitive flower does not tolerate spraying. Because of this, infectious agents can appear on the leaves and flowers, and the rose begins to get sick. Also, do not water the plant often, but in small doses or overwater. Excessive water in the surface layers of the earth is dangerous for its shallow roots – the entire bush can die because of this.

The correct method of applying water is deep watering under the root. You can do this manually or with a hose laid on the ground. It is best to collect rainwater for rose care or use settled water.

The best time to water roses is in the morning or evening when the sun is not too active. This way, water will be absorbed into the ground more efficiently. Avoid watering the flower in the heat. The slightest drop of water that falls on a leaf or petal in this case will leave a burn.

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