How often should you change your bathroom curtain: tips from cleaning experts

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Dark and damp rooms are ideal places for the active growth of bacteria and fungal spores. A bathroom curtain can become a real breeding ground for mold.

Bathtubs and showers are a hot spot for mold and mildew, which settle on wet shower curtains. Experts told us how often you should change your bathroom curtain.

How often should you change your shower curtain

Shower curtains usually keep moisture out of the bathroom, protecting the floor and walls in the room from splashing water. Danica Carson, a cleaning specialist, noted that the curtain has a limited shelf life.

"Most manufacturers recommend replacing the shower liner every six months. It is very important to change your shower curtain regularly, especially if you suffer from a chronic illness, allergies, dermatitis, or autoimmune diseases," Carson said.

Factors to consider

Even if you clean your shower curtain diligently, you still need to change it from time to time. However, the frequency of washing can help extend the life of the curtain.

The curtain should be disinfected at least once a month. The fabric lining can be washed as often as necessary, and the plastic curtain can be machine-washed with just a couple of towels to help the dirt get out better.

If the shower curtain does not have enough time to dry completely, and if the bathroom is often humid, the likelihood of mold growth increases.

Mold comes in a variety of colors. Replace the shower curtain immediately if you see large pink, orange, red, or black spots near the bottom of the lining.

You can treat the curtain with special sprays that control mold growth and remove stains, kill viruses and bacteria.

If you are diligent about keeping your shower curtain clean and disinfecting it, you may need to change the curtain every year instead of every six months.

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