How often is a cactus actually watered: which water is best suited

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The cactus traditionally ranks first in the ranking of the most unpretentious indoor plants. This succulent doesn't need frequent watering, grows well in full sun, and doesn't require any special care.

However, it is not a good idea to simply put the cactus on the windowsill and forget about its existence. You can easily neglect the plant if you don't follow the basic rules. Read the OBOZ.UA article to find out how often you need to water the cactus and whether the regime changes in summer and winter.

Why a cactus should not be watered frequently

A cactus, like all plants, needs moisture – but in moderation. Frequent watering will lead to the displacement of oxygen from the soil, which will eventually cause root rot and plant death.

The main rule of watering succulents is quite simple: it is better to underwater than overwater.

How to water a cactus

Ordinary cold tap water will not work. It is better to take soft water – settled, distilled, melted, or rainwater.

Hard water should be boiled or distilled beforehand. If you water your plants with tap water, the soil will begin to alkalize, which in turn leads to the development of plant diseases.

What water temperature is suitable

In the warm season, the optimal water temperature for irrigation is 22-25 °C, and in winter it is better to heat the water to 30 °C. Do not pour water directly on the cactus or directly under the root – moderate soil moisture is sufficient.

How often to water a cactus

Three factors affect the frequency of watering succulents:

  • time of year
  • temperature
  • humidity.

The hotter the room, the more moisture cacti need.

Cacti should be watered in the evening, and in the morning during the cold season. During the period of active summer heat, you can add a little water every other day, if the summer is cool – once a week.

In winter, one watering 1-2 times a month is enough. But if the air in the room is humid enough, you can stop watering cacti until spring.

In the fall and spring, you also need to focus on air humidity. On average, during this period, cacti should be moistened no more than once a week.

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