Hopelessly old! Three popular hairstyles to forget about after 40 years. Photo

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Hopelessly old! Three popular hairstyles to forget about after 40 years. Photo

The more often a woman updates her look and adds new details, the younger and fresher she will look. However, sometimes changing your hairstyle and style can play a cruel joke.

There are haircuts that are not only unfashionable, but also add age. OBOZREVATEL talks about the top 3 hairstyles that women 40+ should avoid.

  • Gavroche and mallet
Gavroche was fashionable in the 70s

"Profiled" hair on the top of the head and elongated curls at the back is a very recognizable and extravagant hairstyle. Superstars like Miley Cyrus, Barbie Ferreira, and Damiano David set the fashion by example, but this style did not stay with them for long.

And all because the haircut is noticeably aging and evokes associations with rockers of the 70s. In addition, the hairstyle gives the head a strange shape and is not suitable for everyone. Bangs with an uneven cut, long strands on the back of the head and short hair on the temples open up the face and visually enlarge it.

  • Haircut-cap
The cap haircut adds age

The haircut is called a cap because it has this shape. The high bangs fall on the forehead and go into the thick hair at the front and back, and the back of the head is shaved or cut very short. This style requires a perfectly symmetrical face oval, otherwise it will reveal all the flaws: both asymmetry and wrinkles.

  • Parting in the middle
Long hair should be styled properly.

It is not necessary for all women over 40 to get a bob. However, long hair should also be properly styled so as not to add age. It is the parting in the middle that looks unkempt and dull, as hair loses shine and volume with age.

Stylists recommend playing around with the parting. If you comb your hair to the side, it will soften a wide chin and high forehead, and a diagonal parting looks great with asymmetrical hairstyles. It is better not to cut a straight cut, but to decorate and add volume with layered haircuts.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about the secrets of anti-aging makeup for women 40+. You should choose a foundation with a light texture, and it's better to avoid powder altogether.

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