Happy New Year 2024: pictures, cards, SMS for parents and loved ones

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com wishes all the best to your parents on New Year's Eve

Twelve more months have passed and we are on the threshold of 2024. This is the night we want to spend with the people closest to us. For example, with our parents. But not everyone will be able to celebrate this way.

That's why OBOZ.UA has collected warm greetings for the closest ones. Even if you are far away, send your parents wishes for the New Year - they will definitely be extremely touched by your attention.


New Year's greetings

To my parents.

My dear mom and dad,

I wish you all the best

That your life be calm,

And to be free from illness,

To live peacefully, with dignity,

Without any worries!


Good and cheerful days.

Mutual, sincere feelings,

And success at every step.

I wish you in the New Year!

Happy New Year, mom and dad!

I hope it will be with you

Tasty and fragrant bread,

And the hour is full of happiness.

And salt is coveted on the table,

And peace and tranquility on earth!


Happy New Year, mom and dad!

I wish you all the best,

Let there be a lot in life

Pleasure, warmth!

I wish you to be healthy,

And let all the aches and pains

May you stay away from all sicknesses,

Happiness to you, my parents!


The New Year is always about hopes,

That wishes and dreams will come true.

My family, I wish you from the bottom of my heart

To have a good harvest for your grandchildren,

To be healthy over the edge,

And emotions like a waterfall.

Smile, mom and dad,

I wish you many, many happy days!


My dear mom and dad,

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!

Let the New Year bring you

Happiness and joy always!

I wish you love,

I wish you to live together,

And that all your worries

Were in the past!


When the twelfth hour strikes

And the old year will meet the new,

May you and your family be lucky,

We wish you to smile!

Let the evening bring a fairy tale on its wings,

And let the fairy tale stay for a lifetime,

And let the magic things under the tree

Brought you a generous uncle New Year!


Happy New Year, my dear and best parents in the world! I wish you, my dear, that the new year will give you good health, endless sincere love, pleasant meetings, exciting memories and the happiest days!


My most precious and beloved ones, Happy New Year! You are my dearest and most irreplaceable, so take care of yourself, don't get upset over trifles. Live to the fullest next year, and I will do everything to fill your life with peace and provide you with reliable support.


Happy New Year to my parents! I wish you optimism and faith in the best. Stay healthy and know that I love and appreciate you very much. I wish you to remember this year with pleasant events that you have always dreamed of. I wish you to always be full of energy and new plans. I wish that this year the warmth of the family and support of each other will give us the strength to move forward. Happy holidays!


My family, my dear, I wish you a Happy New Year. I wish you an amazing holiday, fulfillment of dreams. I wish you a happy year, bright smiles and good hopes. I wish you peace, love and prosperity. I wish you joyful events, strong hugs and a great mood in the new year.


I wish you a Happy New Year, dear parents. I am proud that you are so wonderful. May this holiday be truly fabulous for you. May all your dreams come true and all your plans come to life. I hug you tightly.


Happy New Year 2024! May your home be full of comfort, love and happiness all year round. May the new year bring many joyful and happy days. Let it be a year of fulfillment of desires and realization of all plans.


My most wonderful people - dear parents, I wish you a fabulous New Year's holiday. Don't forget to make your deepest wishes at midnight and then they will definitely come true. I wish you to feel the real fairy tale of the holiday, be happy and always love each other.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told what church holidays Ukrainians now celebrate on December 31 and January 1.

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