Hairdressers and dermatologists explained how long it takes to grow hair after a bad haircut

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How fast does hair grow back after a bad haircut

Every visit to a trusted hairdresser is a lottery. Not always does the dream haircut in real life turn out the way our imagination has come up with. For this reason, most women are afraid to make short hairstyles - in case of an unsuccessful attempt, they will have to wait a long time for changes.

Celebrity hairdressers and dermatologists reveal that on average, hair grows at a rate of half a centimeter per month. However, a number of factors can affect this figure, both positively and negatively. This is what the Well and Good platform writes about.

How fast does hair grow?

For example, according to the famous hairdresser Christine Shaw, if you cut your hair just below the chin, it will take 10-12 months for it to grow back by 11-13 centimeters. However, as we have already noted, there are many nuances that can speed up or slow down this process.

In particular, Christine notes: "Female hormones play an important role, and with the emergence of phenomena such as autoimmune adrenal burnout in women, this has become a recurring theme for my clients who experience slow hair growth and/or hair loss."

Other factors that can inhibit growth, according to American dermatologist Francesca Fusco, include poor nutrition, yo-yo diets, and improper or insufficient hair care.

"For optimal hair growth, it's important to maintain its health both externally and internally," Francesca said.

Hairdressers and dermatologists explained how long it takes to grow hair after a bad haircut

Her colleague from Los Angeles also adds that the use of certain medications can slow down growth. In addition, poor blood circulation and poor scalp condition also affect this. As it turned out, a lot also depends on the weather, temperature, and season in general. For example, in summer, hair grows a little faster due to faster blood circulation. This is proven by research from the National Institute of Health. During the sunniest period, according to scientists, curls grow 10% faster.

How to speed up hair growth?

As it turned out, hair growth can be stimulated and even accelerated. First, make sure you're getting enough nutrients from your diet.

"Health starts from the inside out, so eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, organic, pasture-raised meat, and the right kinds of fats will help your body function at its best. Also, maintain your physical and mental well-being by quitting smoking, getting enough rest, and minimizing stress. An unhealthy person, as a rule, has hair and nail growth that does not exceed the average level," experts say.

There are special supplements that accelerate hair growth, but don't buy or use anything without consulting a professional, preferably a dermatologist or other doctor.

Hairdressers and dermatologists explained how long it takes to grow hair after a bad haircut

No matter how absurd it may sound, regular haircuts should be introduced to stimulate hair growth and maximize the speed of this process. However, this is not about length, but about density.

"As your hair grows, you may need regular trims to control the density, but not the length. If you want to keep your length, find a great hairdresser who is good at working with density. Lightening the weight can help your hair look great and be more manageable," hairdressers advise.

Finally, proper hair nutrition is key to preventing breakage. This can be achieved by avoiding extreme temperatures and excessive use of chemicals, which can cause stress to the hair shafts and increase the risk of breakage. You shouldn't skimp on care products. And we're not just talking about shampoo, conditioner, or thermal protection, but also hair dryers, curling irons, and other appliances that interact with your hair.

Silk pillowcases and silk or satin hair bands are also key to preventing breakage. Experts also advise massaging your scalp as it increases blood circulation and can thus accelerate growth.

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