Gastronomic tourism: what to taste abroad

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Delicious delicacies from different countries

Italian pizza, French croissants, and Japanese sushi are served in almost every Ukrainian cafe. Even if a restaurant positions itself as a place serving only one national cuisine, it is not a given that it will not offer dishes from other countries. This is not something vulgar or bad, because everyone has different tastes. Someone in the company of friends wants to eat Georgian khachapuri, and someone wants to enjoy bolognese pasta.

But let's be honest: no matter where we go, we still won't feel the original flavor of the dish. They are similar, but not as they should be. If you really want to try authentic food from different nations, plan a new trip.

We'll tell you where to go to try ethnic delicacies below!


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Mediterranean country is olives, soft cheese and salad, which is so beloved by many Ukrainians. But this region is famous not only for these products. In fact, the country has many national dishes, sometimes with an unusual combination of flavors.

When you arrive here, you should immediately order klevtiko - baked lamb with potatoes and spices. The dish was invented during the Turkish rule and still remains a part of Greek culture. Cooking meat with a tuber is not so easy. It will definitely not work at home. After all, the main feature of the recipe is that you need to cook in a special wooden oven.

We also recommend trying moussaka, a vegetable and meat casserole that combines European and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. Of course, don't miss the spanakopita - a puff pastry with spinach and feta.

Gastronomic tourism: what to taste abroad


The country of bullfighting also has something to surprise its guests. In addition to the famous paella, jamon, and gazpacho, the Spaniards have many dishes worth trying. For breakfast, they serve an omelette, but not the kind we're used to. It looks more like a flat cake with a filling. The dish is called tortilla española and is very quick and easy to prepare. The hostess needs to grate a few potatoes, chop an onion and beat a dozen eggs. Mix everything well, pour the mixture into a frying pan and leave it under the lid until it's fully cooked. In general, order it, you won't regret it.

For lunch, you should take Madrid cocido soup. This is a very satisfying and high-calorie stew made with chickpeas, vegetables, stewed pork, bacon, and sausages. By the way, you need to taste the food in two stages. First, strain the broth and drink it, then eat all the ingredients left on the plate.

Don't forget to run through the appetizers. Tapas, baked eggplant, and croquetas deserve your attention.

Gastronomic tourism: what to taste abroad


A special country whose national dishes are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, the oldest recipes are carefully protected and kept in the strictest confidence. That's why no Mexican-Ukrainian restaurant can satisfy your taste buds like real authentic establishments.

Let's start with Mole sauce, which is served with meat. It is very complex and multifaceted. Only Mexicans know how to cook it properly. A search engine will only give you a vague answer. We know only one thing: it is based on chili, chocolate, walnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, cinnamon, and cloves.

We also suggest trying the spicy stuffed peppers, which are stuffed with stewed pork, beef, and a mixture of fruits (peaches, bananas, pears, and apples). Of course, everything is generously flavored with spices - it can't be done without them. The dish is served with gravy, pomegranate seeds and herbs.

Gastronomic tourism: what to taste abroad


French cuisine is world-famous for its frog legs, croissants, ratatouille, and creme brulee dessert. If you are here, you should definitely try these dishes. But don't stop there, because there are many more gastronomic delights.

We recommend ordering the cock-a-whine - chicken in red wine. In fact, this is a very, very complicated recipe that even professional chefs sometimes fail to understand. Also, pay attention to the kripy - crispy thin pancakes that come with a variety of fillings and without them. Also, don't deny yourself the pleasure of trying onion soup with cheese and flavorful croutons. It will be delicious, we assure you!

Gastronomic tourism: what to taste abroad


Indian cuisine, like hundreds of years ago, is based on vegetables and spices. Authentic dishes of this region are a paradise for vegetarians, because Indians hardly eat meat and fish. 80% of the indigenous population do. Their diet is based on cereals, beans and vegetables.

What is worth trying? Thali is rice with various snacks and sauces. Usually, the dish is served with curry, chapati, pikuli and chutney. By the way, don't think you won't get enough of this food. The portions are very large. If you want something tender, order malai kofta - deep-fried potato meatballs.

We also recommend trying palak paneer, which is spinach with soft cheese. For main courses, we recommend dal soup, and for desserts - jalebi.

Gastronomic tourism: what to taste abroad

When traveling around the world, be sure to visit different national restaurants. This time, be sure to choose something new and unexplored for yourself. We are sure you will like it!

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