From Zbarazh to Sidoriv: exploring castles of Ternopil region

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Castles of Ternopil region

There are buildings in Ukraine that remind us of the days of kings. They impress with their pompous rooms and ballrooms. Today we offer to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Read on to find out where you can feel it.


It was founded back in 1626-1631 by order of Krzysztof Zbaraski. The magnate and statesman asked Italian architect Vincenzo Scamozzi to design the palace. Today, it has been granted the status of a state historical and architectural reserve. By the way, it was previously nominated for the title of one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

The castle houses a local history museum and a historical museum. There are more than 25 exhibition halls in various fields. For example, archeology, ethnography, crafts of the region, works of sacred art, an organ hall, art exhibitions, and more. The movie of the same name directed by Jerzy Hoffman was also filmed here.

From Zbarazh to Sidoriv: exploring castles of Ternopil region


The Galician swordsman Krzysztof Wichrowski began construction of the building in the first half of the seventeenth century. Later, his daughter inherited it. Unfortunately, the building suffered significant damage during the Tatar-Turkish raids and World War II. Nevertheless, the complex was restored. Here you can see not only medieval weapons, paintings, and wooden sculptures but also visit the dungeons.

From Zbarazh to Sidoriv: exploring castles of Ternopil region

Vyshnivets Palace

Majesty and beauty: this is how you can describe the following landmark. Honoré de Balzac called it Little Versailles.

The luxurious halls and rooms of the palace are lined with a unique mosaic. Interestingly, the walls were decorated with beads, gold and silk. This made the look inside even more pompous.

The legendary chestnut grove is planted on the territory of the complex. There are 64 trees here. The plants are arranged in eight rows and resemble pieces on a chessboard. Be sure to come here to see this beauty with your own eyes.


The construction of the palace was completed back in 1554. However, the castle is still considered the most important defensive building of the Renaissance. Unlike other castles, it was built not on a mountainous area but on an island in a river valley.

It had 14 ceremonial halls, each with its own name, and only 2 restrooms. However, do not be surprised: at that time it indicated the wealth of the owners.

From Zbarazh to Sidoriv: exploring castles of Ternopil region


The fortress served as the residence of local elders. No invader has ever managed to conquer it. By the way, it is one of the three buildings that managed to survive even after the Mongol invasion.

There is a legend that the Italian queen Bona Sforza fell in love with this place and decided to build a majestic castle on the top. She wanted to use a bridge to connect the palace complex with Chernecha (Taras) Hill. But it was not to be. Unfortunately, during the grand opening, the bridge suddenly collapsed along with the ruler.

Locals say that there is a whole network of underground passages under the fortress. They lead to different parts of the city and beyond. Researchers assume that the labyrinths were used for secret meetings, escaping from enemies, and transporting treasures. If you like to solve various riddles, you will definitely like it here.


The castle was founded in the XI century. In 1675, the defense of the fortress continued. Then there were traitors among the defenders. They wanted to conspire and give the palace to the conqueror. However, much to their surprise, women stood up for the defense. They were led by the commandant's wife, Anna Khshanovska.

She threatened that she would kill her husband and herself if the "werewolves" did not retreat from their plans. These negotiations allowed them to wait for help from Poland and save the fortress.

From Zbarazh to Sidoriv: exploring castles of Ternopil region

Zolotyi Potik

Initially, the bastion protected the city's residents, and later it hosted intellectuals. You won't believe it, but there was even a real restaurant where nobles played sports and discussed important issues. However, in 1935, the building burned down. Nevetherless, it is still worth a visit.


The building resembles a large ship from a distance. It was built as the family residence of Hetman Kalinowski. The castle complex is known for its library. The works of the poet Jozef Peigert are kept here. Those who like movies about treasure hunts and valuable artifacts should visit the castle.

From Zbarazh to Sidoriv: exploring castles of Ternopil region

Discover these amazing places. Feel the true spirit of the Middle Ages and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past. Enjoy your trip!

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