From Napoleon to Marvels: 10 most anticipated movie premieres of November

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10 November premieres worth going to cinemas for

This year, November will be marked by bright premieres of films that we have been waiting for all year. Some of them are well-known stories, while others tell us about the lives of legendary figures.

OBOZ.UA has compiled a selection of the ten most anticipated films that will be released this month. From adventures and comedies to thrillers and biopics, these films are guaranteed to impress you and give you unforgettable emotions. Choose what to watch first!

Animal Kingdom - November 2

Genre: adventure, fantasy

The story tells how humanity is suffering from mysterious mutations: they turn ordinary people into beasts. The protagonist, François, is trying to do everything possible to save his wife, who has become one of the victims. To do this, he and his 16-year-old son go in search of a cure, a journey they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Only 3 Days Left - November 2

Genre: comedy

A bumbling policeman named Ryan witnesses an unusual situation: his grandmother has been kidnapped by members of a Mexican cartel. The protagonist's team has only three days to rescue his grandmother. The rescue operation will turn into an adventure full of extreme sports.

Between Us - November 2

Genre: thriller

"Between Us tells the story of two women, Sasha and Anya, who are at the crossroads of life choices: the former about her husband, the latter about her son. The drama of the film escalates and reaches its peak when one unexpected incident turns everything upside down.

The Piper - November 9

Genre: thriller, horror

Shortly after the death of her teacher, a musician has to complete his concert on her own. However, the girl gradually realizes that her mentor's music causes death. It is she who will have to find answers to the questions about the horrific story behind the melody and the evil that has been awakened.

Marvels - November 9

Genre: superhero action

The story will tell about Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers. This time, after previous adventures and trials, she had to take on the burden of a changing world. She suddenly encounters a phenomenon that is incomprehensible to her. Every time Carol uses her powers, she is transported to an unexpected place. The same thing happens to Monica Rambo and Kamala Khan. In order to understand why this is happening, they have to unite.

The first code - November 16

Genre: story based on real events

The film starts in the 50s of the last century, when Ukrainian engineers were working on the development of the first computer, and continues to the present when the IT sector has become one of the fronts in the fight against Russia. The film features the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, the founder of UNIT.City Vasyl Khmelnytsky, and many other prominent representatives of the Ukrainian IT business.

The Hunger Games: A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes - November 16

Genre: action, adventure, fantasy

The movie will be a prequel to the famous Hunger Games series. This time, the story will tell how the Capitol authorities decided to change the rules before the tenth game: they decided to involve representatives from the upper classes to become mentors for the participants. The 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow from a wealthy family will take care of the girl Lucy Grey Byrd while the deadly competition is going on.

Napoleon - November 23

Genre: epic history

Actor Joaquin Phoenix, winner of the prestigious Oscar, this year transformed into the legendary French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The movie will tell the story of the French commander's life from the very beginning to the coveted imperial throne. The plot will tell about Bonaparte's ups and downs, which were crowned with triumphs, and about the events that were remembered as tragedies.

Wish - November 23

Genre: animation, family

The cartoon tells the story of a smart 17-year-old girl Asha, who dreams of fulfilling her big wish. The universe responds to this - it sends a small ball of boundless energy to the main character. Together with her new companion, Asha must save her people, who are suffering from an evil king.

The Swamp King's daughter - November 30

Genre: crime, mystery, thriller, drama

Helena, the protagonist, seems to have everything: a family with a loving husband, two beautiful daughters, and her own business. However, the woman hides one secret: when she was a teenager, her mother was kidnapped. Her mother was kept in a hut in the middle of a swamp, where she later gave birth to Helena. Now the main character is trying to find the father who ruined her life.

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