For the first time in the world: a three-meter shark caught an echidna and surprised scientists. Photo

The shark attacked the echidna. Source: Pixabay

Scientists discovered a tiger shark trying to eat an echidna. They were puzzled by this fact, calling it the first such case.

Researchers from James Cook University (JCU) in Australia were amazed when they saw a tiger shark vomiting up something completely unexpected. They assumed that the marine predator had attacked the mammal in shallow water near an island or between islands. The details were published on the university's website.

Experts were tagging sharks off the coast of Orpheus Island in Queensland in May 2022 when one of them vomited up a dead echidna. The team believes that such an attack on the iconic Australian animal is the first in the world.

According to JCU graduate student Nicholas Lubitz, the tiger shark was large. These marine predators very rarely vomit up their food, but sometimes when they are stressed, they can do so.


"It vomited up a large piece of blubber and then a whole spine," he said.

Tiger sharks are known to eat anything. They have been documented swallowing seabirds, tires, license plates, and even a small television screen.

"They are just scavengers. I saw a video of them eating a rock for no reason," he explained.


The tiger shark in question was not injured during this strange encounter. The team subsequently installed an acoustic tracker on it before releasing it into the water.

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