Eyelashes will look like fake: life hacks for perfect eye makeup

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This life hack will work even if you have naturally straight eyelashes

Having long, lush, and thick eyelashes is every woman's dream. However, not everyone is ready to wear fake lashes, and this is where mascara comes in. Although it is not always possible to apply it in such a way as to get the desired effect.

The problem is solved by changing the approach to eye makeup. OBOZ.UA spied a few tips from makeup artists that they share on social media and tells you how to start using the capabilities of mascara to 100% and change your appearance with its help.

What do you need for four-step eyelash coloring? Not much, actually. These will be curling tongs, your favorite volumizing mascara, an eyeliner, and an eyelash comb.

Start by using an eyelash curler. Curl them from the tips towards the roots. This will give them the right curve along the entire length. However, if you have naturally curved lashes, you can probably skip this step. Be guided by your vision of the desired result and your natural data.

Next, take a waterproof eyeliner pencil and color the water line of the upper eyelid with it. It will create a clear arrow that will emphasize the eyelashes and make them visually more voluminous.

Now you can move on to mascara. If you have naturally straight lashes and want the curl effect to last longer, choose a waterproof mascara – it will hold its shape better and prevent your lashes from straightening due to humid air.

Move the mascara brush from side to side, stretching the lashes from root to tip. This will allow you to apply more product, make your lashes look more voluminous, and better secure the curve created by the tongs. In the outer corner, you can color the hairs with the tip of the brush for accuracy.

Lastly, use an eyelash comb to remove mascara clumps and separate the lashes for a fluffier look. Start the comb from the top of the eyelid and move it in a circular outward motion to avoid straightening the curled lash.

Repeat the entire procedure one to three times until you achieve the desired result. And don't forget about the lower lashes as well, without them, eye makeup will look incomplete.

Also, keep in mind the advice that ophthalmologists give to all women. No matter how natural and minimalistic your makeup is, be sure to remove all makeup before going to bed. This way you will avoid inflammation and infection. By the way, while these problems are being treated, you have to give up eye makeup. So, this is another good reason why it's better not to skip the evening facial cleansing, doctors say.

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