European ski resorts for beginners: top places

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The best tourist destinations in Europe

Most locations where you can go skiing or snowboarding are designed for professionals. Thus, steep slopes are suitable for athletes or avid fans of active winter recreation. However, beginners, families with children, or the elderly have to either enjoy one track or give up on such a vacation altogether.

But why make such sacrifices? After all, there are places where everyone will feel comfortable (from an ace to a beginner). So, if you want to go skiing in the snowy hills, feel free to book your tickets, and we'll tell you where to go.

Montgenevre, France

An ideal ski resort for families with kids. There are special children's skiing trails on the territory, as well as regular playgrounds.

As expected, there are several challenging slopes for professionals, but most of them are for beginners. By the way, this place is not famous for its ski slopes alone. Vacationers will find a wide range of winter activities: freeride, mountaineering, ice rink, snow park, snowshoeing, etc.

The location is on the border with Italy. It can be reached from Turin International Airport or Oulx train station.

European ski resorts for beginners: top places

Bad Gastein, Austria

The oldest resort in the country that has lost its popularity. Not so long ago, it was visited by wealthy tourists and even royalty. Nowadays, it's mostly visited by ordinary people looking for easy ski routes even though there are plenty of tracks for athletes.

The town itself is located near Salzburg at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. This resort is known not only for its snowy slopes but also for its thermal radon springs.

There is also plenty of entertainment for those who come "for the company". The options for leisure are very diverse. You can go on an excursion to see the old buildings of the village. You can also visit a fair, dine in an authentic restaurant, or go to the cinema with your children. Everyone will find something to do.

European ski resorts for beginners: top places

Jasna, Slovakia

The largest ski resort in Eastern Europe. Experienced skiers and snowboarders love it because it has a large selection of slopes, a well-developed infrastructure, and relatively low prices for accommodation, food, and ski passes. For beginners, there are 13 slopes with a length of 19 kilometers. All of them are located in the Otupne area.

The season in this town begins in early December. And even if nature is in no hurry to cover the mountains with a blanket of snow, snow cannons will take care of it.

There are separate children's trails, freeride areas, a snow park, and specially equipped snowboarding and motorized sledding lanes. In addition to winter entertainment, there are many others (from standard discos, billiards, and swimming pools to excursion programs in the surrounding areas). You can go to caves, visit waterfalls and soak in thermal springs.

European ski resorts for beginners: top places

Livigno, Italy

A small settlement built among the picturesque Alps in the north of the country. This resort is relatively young but already popular among skiers and snowboarders. There are free skipasses, challenging trails, and slopes for beginners and children. There are 27 of them as of today.

Its only drawback is the location. Unfortunately, the road to the location is not easy. You need to get over the pass by a highway. There are no other ways. Even the nearest railway station is 40 kilometers away from the ski resort.

Livigno is actively growing and developing. Many new hotels and trails that are adapted for freestyle appear every year. The season starts in November. Night skiing takes place every Thursday. The track is usually lit from 20:30 to 22:30.

There are also alternative options for recreation. Tourists especially love shopping as the city is a duty-free zone. Yes, you heard right: you can buy anything here for almost half the price.

European ski resorts for beginners: top places

Vogel Bohinj, Slovenia

This very small resort attracts vacationers with its low prices and beautiful scenery. There are only 8 lifts and 11 trails, 5 of which are suitable for beginners. But there are not so many people. And for those who are new to skiing, the 9.5 kilometers of slopes will be enough to keep them busy.

The resort is located at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level, so the views here are not worse than in Austria. Be sure to take a stroll around the neighborhood, walk along the riverbank, and warm up in one of the local restaurants serving delicious dishes.

Children will not be bored either. The resort has children's, snow and mini freestyle parks. There are slopes for freeriding. In addition, kids will be interested in ringing the bell at the top of Triglav Mountain, snow kayaking or ice skating, fishing on the lake and hiking.

As you can see, there are plenty of ski resorts for beginners, too. So you have everything you need to get on your skis for the first time, go downhill and get used to the equipment. Don't be afraid to go and conquer the peaks.

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