Emphasizes eye bags and wrinkles: what is the most common makeup mistake women 30+ often make

Yulia PoteriankoNews
Apply powder to set makeup under the eyes only at a very young age. Source: Created with the help of AI

There are several common makeup mistakes that can easily add age to even young women. One of them is a technique that works on young skin, but after the age of 30 begins to treacherously emphasize the first wrinkles under the eyes.

Blogger Raelynn Reimer talked about this mistake on her TikTok. She gives makeup tips for women aged 30+. According to the blogger, the use of powder to fix makeup under the eyes, which refreshed the look in your 20s, eventually starts to work against you.

"Your skin changes as you age, so your makeup routine should change as well," said Raelynn. She reminded us that the skin under the eyes becomes thinner from year to year and tiny lines and wrinkles appear. And the use of a dry product in this area significantly emphasizes these changes. The skin looks more textured and it visually adds age.

However, only one small change can solve this problem. All you need is a makeup setting spray and a cosmetic sponge. Spray the spray onto the sponge and apply it gently to the under-eye area. This will simultaneously remove excess concealer from the face, which is usually used in this area, and ensure that your makeup stays put all day long without emphasizing wrinkles.

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