Ecotourism: places where you can be alone with nature

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Destinations for ecotourism

Do you also know the feeling of wanting to escape from the world and stay in a place where there are no people? In the 70s of the last century, residents of the United States and Europe decided that it was time to stop associating traveling exclusively with wandering around ancient places and buying souvenirs. It was at this time that the phenomenon of ecotourism was born there.

However, the main feature of this trend is not just spending some time in nature. The main philosophy is minimal damage to the environment. That is, a careful attitude to nature while walking in almost untouched areas of parks, reserves, mountain ranges...

5 principles of an ecotourist

Yes, the followers of this trend have their own "laws". Of course, no one will check whether you are following them. It is your personal decision to be an environmentally conscious person. Here are just some of the guidelines you should follow:

  • leave only footprints on the road and take only photos with you;
  • walk on well-trodden paths;
  • do not buy products that are dangerous for the flora;
  • do not offend local residents;
  • do not harm animals.
Ecotourism: places where you can be alone with nature

Top 8 best places for "green" tourism

  • Palawan Island, Philippines

This region is full of coral reefs and locations that look more like wallpapers on a computer. That's why divers and eco-travelers from all over the world are looking for an opportunity to relax here. In particular, on Palawan, which attracts with its variety of landscapes.

While other beaches are gradually being destroyed by local authorities, the dense jungle here has been preserved almost in its original form. Of course, no one knows what will happen next. But as long as the area looks like this, thousands of eco-friendly pilgrims enjoy the unspoiled flavor.

Ecotourism: places where you can be alone with nature
  • Costa Rica

This country in Central America is also considered one of the best for mutual love with the outside world. For those who are accustomed to more comfort and are not ready to live in a tent or in the open air, this is the perfect place. Due to its popularity among tourists, more and more new hotels and complexes with the "eco" prefix are appearing here.

If you care about nature and dream of spending at least one night in a tree house, choose the unique eco-settlement Finca Bellavista. Unusual housing, jungle and an unforgettable atmosphere. It's aerobatics to build such a hut yourself. If you want, we will help you find materials and show you the equipment.

Ecotourism: places where you can be alone with nature
  • Takhék, Laos

A relatively new city, founded only in 1911. However, it quickly became popular due to the incomparable landscape: endless fields, thick bamboo reeds, wild animals, and incredible sunsets.

The village also has a base for active ecological tourism. It was created by two professional climbers who realized that it would be cool to create a large network of hiking trails of varying difficulty. So, almost all year round, the village welcomes travelers who want to feel completely united with nature.

  • Fjords, Norway

Anyone who has seen them will say: unearthly beauty. The fjords in Norway are unforgettable. If you visit here once, you will fall head over heels in love for life. They originated thousands of years ago, when huge glaciers ate away at the bottom of the valleys with their weight. After that, huge ice blocks melted and flooded the bottom.

Ecotourists love to walk along these routes. And the local authorities are doing everything they can to keep the area protected from poachers and irresponsible tourists for as long as possible. They make sure that no one fishes or hunts on the coastline. Instead, bicycle paths and hiking trails have been set up near the bays. You can also go boating or take a road trip to the surrounding villages.

Ecotourism: places where you can be alone with nature
  • Mombasa, Kenya

If you adore animals and love to watch them, this is the place for you. Kenya has many national parks, nature reserves and even a huge coral reef. And if you go to one of the largest cities in the country, Mombasa, you will feel the "wild" freedom to the fullest. Agencies offer cycling and hiking tours, trips to the most interesting nearby places, boat trips, or traditional safaris. During such trips, you will see a large number of animals in their natural habitat.

  • Madagascar

After 2005, many people associate this country with the cartoon of the same name. However, if you move away from the animated film and return to reality, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, located in the western Indian Ocean.

First of all, guests of the republic remember cute lemurs with plump striped tails. In addition, the country is actively promoting ecotourism. There are many national parks that will introduce visitors to the wild side of life.

Ecotourism: places where you can be alone with nature
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The archipelago in the Pacific Ocean consists of 13 main and 6 small islands, as well as 107 cliffs and incredible views. It is not surprising that Ecuador often appears in the "tops" of favorite places for eco-travelers.

It is important that the local authorities care about nature. They have managed to protect flora and fauna from the harmful effects of humans through strict laws. Many reserves are closed to visitors almost all the time. Those that do receive visitors have set clear rules. You can move around the area only with a certified guide, and it is strictly forbidden to take anything out of the area.

  • Ecotourism in Ukraine

It is most developed in the western regions, and this is due to the landscape. The Carpathians allow you to preserve more untouched places than the plains. At least climbing Hoverla is also part of a green journey that will fill you up and help you believe in yourself!

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