Drunk as a skunk: Russian couple caused a riot on a plane to Colombo

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A drunken Russian couple started a riot on the plane

A Russian family planned to vacation in Sri Lanka, but alcoholism got in the way. On a plane from Moscow to Colombo, the couple was detained in an inadequate state due to severe alcohol intoxication.

While the police tried to push the aggressive drunken man out of the cabin, and medics and other airport workers pumped out his wife, the children of the grieving parents cried and shouted "mom" and "dad" through their tears. This whole bacchanal was captured on video by other passengers and posted online.

The author of the video commented: "The flight to Colombo on February 20 was delayed because of drunkenness on board. The father of the family was taken away by the police, his wife fell in the cabin. Poor children. And the passengers. As a result, the whole family stayed in Moscow."

Drunk as a skunk: Russian couple caused a riot on a plane to Colombo

The footage shows a drunken Russian man trying to resist law enforcement officers who were trying to calm him down. He was struggling until he was forcibly removed from the car.

Drunk as a skunk: Russian couple caused a riot on a plane to Colombo

In the background, one of the police officers is heard saying: "Take the children away".

Meanwhile, a drunken woman is sprawled out in the middle of the plane. She was trying to regain consciousness and was also taken out of the cabin. Someone commented off-screen: "She's passed out."

Russian specialized media, citing the Main Transport Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, report that in 2023, almost 2,000 airline rowdies were removed from flights in the terrorist country. More than half of the hooligans were drunk. The largest concentration of inadequate passengers is observed at the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk.

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