Don't do this! A "viral" traveler's flyhack has been called dangerous: you may not be allowed on a flight

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Don't do this! A "viral" traveler's flyhack has been called dangerous: you may not be allowed on a flight

The most difficult task in preparing for a vacation is packing a suitcase. Experienced travelers often share life hacks that help save space. However, some of them turned out to be dangerous.

A video on how to pack medicine for a trip went viral on Tik Tok. "The "life hackers" decided to put the pills in an empty Tic-Tac candy box because it takes up less space than a medicine bottle. This is strictly prohibited.

"While a small container may take up a little less space in your luggage, most countries require tourists to keep their medications in their original packaging when traveling abroad," said Steve Brownett-Gale of pharmaceutical packaging firm Origin.

Medicines must not be transported without packaging

Airport security is unable to identify medicines if they are not in their original packaging or if the label is not transparent or illegible. Labeling on medicines is like a passport for a passenger and should be mandatory.

Airport employees may request additional information or documentation, delaying or preventing you from boarding a flight. Experts add that before the flight, it is worth checking the list of permitted medicines that can be transported to your destination.

It is worth checking the list of authorized medicines

Some pills that are sold only with a doctor's prescription cannot be transported and will be treated by customs as an attempt to break the law. Ignorance is not an excuse for not knowing.

Examples of controlled drugs are diazepam, codeine, morphine, and fentanyl, which are popularly called "narcotics" and are issued only with a red prescription.

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