Does Planet 9 really exist? Scientists say they've found new evidence

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Does Planet 9 really exist? Scientists say they've found new evidence

We used to believe that there are 8 planets in the solar system. But scientists have begun to publish evidence of a new one, the ninth.

The hidden planet can explain the phenomena that occur with objects at very distant distances from the Sun, which is more than 250 times farther than we are, the Independent writes. Astronomer Konstantin Batygin claims that his team's research is the "strongest statistical evidence" for the existence of an undiscovered planet at the edge of the solar system.

In the study, scientists examined a set of trans-Neptunian objects, a technical term for space bodies located outside Neptune.

The motion of these objects is unstable due to the interaction with Neptune's orbit. Scientists have tried to understand and explain this instability of motion. And, according to Dr. Batygin, the best explanation is that they come from another, undiscovered planet.

The team conducted many simulations to understand how the orbits of these objects are affected by various factors. In particular, the giant planets around them, such as Neptune, as well as the "galactic tide" coming from the Milky Way and the stars flying by.

There are various assumptions that explain the behavior of these bodies. For example, the influence on the orbit of pre-existing planets. However, Dr. Batygin notes that the best explanation is provided by a model that includes the Ninth Planet.

The future Vera C Rubin Observatory, currently under construction in Chile, should help to argue for the existence (or against) of Planet Nine. When it is operational, it will be able to scan the sky to understand the behavior of such distant objects.

"This upcoming phase of research promises to provide critical insight into the mysteries of the outer reaches of our solar system," the team of scientists wrote in their article.

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