Day of great revelations: 3 zodiac signs are waiting for shifts in their love life on May 29

Love horoscope. Source: Created with the help of AI

The three zodiac signs will not only learn something new about their partner, but also look inside themselves to see if they are ready to make life-changing decisions. The transit of Mercury squaring the Moon in Pisces will be conducive to great revelations. This is a time when you suddenly find yourself in the right place at the right time - and many situations are simply out of your control, you just have to accept these changes.

According to the forecast, everything hidden and unexpected will come to the surface. Cancers, Scorpios and Capricorns will be on the verge of a new stage in their lives.


You will discover an unpleasant thing. If you used to think that you could control and somehow influence your partner, you will now realize the falsity of this illusion.

The transit of Mercury and the Moon in Pisces will bring serious conversations. Your partner may express their dissatisfaction - no one likes to live under a glass ceiling. This will be a wake-up call. If you don't back down from your position, the situation will become threatening. Accept your partner as an independent, self-sufficient person who will do just fine without your advice. The only thing he lacks in a relationship is trust.


You will learn something new about your romantic partner. Exhale - it won't be news of infidelity or breakup. It's just that you'll suddenly realize that the person next to you is much deeper, wiser, and more sensitive than you thought. It may even scare you. You will begin to wonder if you are worthy of being around such an ideal person.

The transit of the Moon in Pisces is actually connected with issues of mutual understanding and mutual respect. On May 29, you may notice that your relationships are acquiring new subtleties and nuances. Sincere conversations will encourage you to start a new stage in your life.


You quickly get bored with frivolous affairs - you are looking for a partner for life. However, it's not easy to please you: the chosen one must be intelligent, generous, caring, and financially secure.

When the Moon in Pisces squares Mercury on May 29, you will see your wish come true. You may find that your partner has learned as much as you have over the years and that they are ready to apply their knowledge just as readily. Frank conversations on this day will lead to progress and growth.

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