Dark matter may be a deformed mirror Universe - scientists

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Dark Matter may exist in a mirror Universe

The mysterious dark matter, traces of which scientists notice everywhere, may exist in a parallel (mirror) Universe. Its peculiarity is that it is a failed Universe, where atoms have failed to form.

This is stated in a study by a group of scientists published on the arXiv preprint site. The researchers' theory is currently awaiting evaluation by the scientific community and further publication in the specialized press.

Dark Matter is a mysterious substance that most scientists believe makes up most of the Universe. However, the theory of its existence is based on the fact that scientists see the gravitational influence of some unknown force in the Universe. Scientists have not yet been able to detect, measure, or record dark matter.

There are many theories about this hypothetical matter: from the idea that it exists in a separate (undiscovered by humanity) dimension to the idea that it was created during the second Big Bang, or even the theory that no dark matter exists at all.

Nevertheless, this matter continues to excite scientists. A new theory suggests that dark matter may be in a deformed mirror Universe that is inside our own. The main difference between the Universes is that in the Universe with dark matter, atoms could not form.

The scientists built their theory based on two coincidences. First, observations show that both matter exist everywhere in the same proportions - dark matter always outnumbers ordinary matter by about five times. Second, neutrons and protons have almost the same mass, which allows them to form stable atoms. According to scientists, this happy accident ensured the existence of our reality, in which we were able to form atoms that became the basis of everything around us - stars, planets, and people.

According to Live Science, the new theory suggests the existence of a shadow Universe, which is similar to ours, but in it, the proton is heavier than the neutron. This led to its evaporation, while neutrons in the shadow Universe remained free-floating. Such conditions would explain why dark matter does not seem to clump together. According to the researchers, it is these neutrons from the mirror Universe that are dark matter.

It is worth noting that the research is currently only a theory that has not been approved by the scientific community. Therefore, the assumptions of scientists may ultimately be wrong.

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