Cycling in Ukraine: best fall routes

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The best routes for cycling

Cycling is a great way to toughen up and invigorate. In addition, you can get to places on a two-wheeled "horse" where a car simply cannot go. Ride around peaks, forest belts, and nature reserves. See magnificent landscapes and, most of all, stimulate dopamine, endorphin, serotonin, and oxytocin with activity. They will definitely not be superfluous. But how do you prepare and where are the best cycling routes? Let's find out!

Clothing for the off-season

Wearing a knee-length winter down jacket for a bike ride is a bad idea. Not only is it uncomfortable but your thermoregulation will also be frustrating. You'll sweat quickly, and you'll increase your risk of catching a cold. The best solution is to wear special sportswear.

Since the air is cold in the fall, you can blow out your neck in a few minutes. Protect this part of your body with a fleece scarf or buff, and wear a helmet on your head. As for the body, the first layer of clothing is thermal underwear. It practically does not get wet, and if it does, it will dry quickly and retain heat. The second is a warm sweater, and the third is a windbreaker. For your feet, opt for insulated cycling shoes made of lycra with a fleece lining. They are comfortable, but they won't save you from the rain. Therefore, if the weather is likely to deteriorate, it is better to put on pants made of membrane fabrics. Do not forget about socks made of fiber materials.

By the way, women need to choose the right top. A cotton one will quickly become damp with sweat and turn into an icy bandage on the first descent. So, the one made of synthetic material will do.

Cycling in Ukraine: best fall routes

The best cycling routes in Ukraine

  • Carpathians

In the mountains, you can ride anywhere: on steep trails and roads at the foot of the mountains. It will be equally beautiful. Keep in mind that the rainy season begins in September, so it will be more difficult to ride. The Carpathians are most beautiful in November, so cyclists love to build routes in this month.

One of the most popular ones: Ivano-Frankivsk-Vorokhta-Zarosliak (climbing Hoverla)-Hoverla village-Synevyrska Poliana-Volovets. Its length is about 250 kilometers, and it can last up to 7 days. Some people adjust the trip and climb to Lake Nesamovyte. However, to overcome it, you need to have cycling experience and basic physical fitness. If you're a beginner, it's better to choose something easier because you'll be lagging behind.

The second known route: Volovets-Synevyrska Poliana-Shypit Waterfall-Volovets. It's about 130 kilometers long, and it lasts less than the previous one. It takes only two days. If you wish, you can fit in one, but the best option is to spend the night in the valley.

And one more picturesque route: Yaremche-enclosures-Girl's Tears Waterfall. It is simple, short (less than 7 kilometers) and lasts only 1.5 hours. You can drive around the city, stop by the turbulent Probiy stream, then head to the rehabilitation center for wild animals. And from there, you can drive to your destination. It is located in the middle of the picturesque Zhonka tract, which was formed from rock outcrops. Its water is extremely clear and clean, hence the name.

Cycling in Ukraine: best fall routes
  • Shatsk Lakes

A flat area in the Kovel district of Volyn with almost no off-road terrain. The natural complex consists of 30 reservoirs, between which the main road runs. The most popular is Svitiaz, the deepest lake in Ukraine. The total length of the route is up to 200 kilometers and the duration is up to three days.

Cycling in Ukraine: best fall routes
  • Castles of Podillia

Kamianets-Podilskyi-Rykhta-Kudryntsi-Chornokozintsi-Khotyn-Kamianets-Podilskyi. The trip begins with the city that is called "a flower on a stone" for a reason. You will see not only the Bastion but also the Turkish Bridge, the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross, a minaret with a Madonna, an Armenian and a Turkish mosque of the XVII century.

The next point is the ruins of an old water mill in Rychta. After that, tourists will visit the citadel in Kudryntsi, which stands on the banks of the Zbruch River, and the Chornokozynets Castle. It is one of the oldest in Podillia. Due to human negligence, it is not in the best condition. However, it is still popular.

The last point on the map is the Khotyn Fortress. It is associated with the outstanding battles of the Zaporizhzhia army led by Petro Sahaidachnyi. In the 1960s, the complex received the status of an architectural monument. It has also been the setting for many movies, so the walls may look very familiar to you.

We almost forgot! The length is 71 kilometers, and you can cover the distance in 2 days.

Cycling in Ukraine: best fall routes
  • Buky Canyon

The length is 65 kilometers and the duration is two days. The trip starts in the town of Zhashkiv in the Cherkasy region. From there you will reach your destination, spend the night and return back. Experienced cyclists do not recommend getting to Zhashkiv by two-wheeled Odesa highway. It is better to use a private car or train as there are many trucks on the road. This will greatly complicate the movement.

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