Critical moment for Aries and success for Virgo: horoscope until October 2024

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In astrology, periods of planetary retrogrades are considered moments when each of us has the opportunity to go back in time and correct our mistakes. Or complete unfinished business.

This May, Pluto, the planet of transformation and profound change, will go into retrograde for the next 5 months. All signs will have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and start moving towards personal growth. Everyone will experience this phase in their own way. Read on to find out what Pluto retrograde will bring for you.


You are invited to rethink what you hope to accomplish for the world. You may find that not everyone shares your vision, but you will realize the importance and potential impact of your ideas. Until September, prepare for a possible power struggle and a series of victories and defeats that may cause you to experience intense emotions. This will be a critical time to come to terms with the aspects of your career that you can't change and take control of those that you can to help your professional growth and personal credibility.


This Pluto Transit may put some of your professional endeavors on hold and encourage you to clarify your true career goals. While public recognition may be on the decline, you may find significant growth on a personal and inner level, which can be even more rewarding for you. Toward the end of this period, you will be confronted with old beliefs and educational trajectories that no longer fit who you are today. Letting go of outdated viewpoints will lead you to breakthroughs in understanding complex topics that have eluded you before.


You're about to undergo a deep reassessment of your own beliefs and long-held perspectives. To succeed, you will have to strengthen your commitment to certain ideas and follow them more closely. Starting in September, you may face some financial difficulties in repaying debts and fulfilling obligations. You may need to break off the last of your burdensome ties to allow yourself to move forward.


The universe invites you to think deeply about recent commitments and possibly reconsider decisions related to ending a relationship or further strengthening ties. This period is about learning and understanding the depth of your commitment and shifting the paradigm of how you engage in close relationships. By the end of this retrograde, you may find yourself able to look at old habits from a new perspective. This phase offers a key chance to fundamentally rethink these interactions, and you may find yourself ready to finally let go of relationships that no longer serve your growth, having learned all the lessons you can from them.


Problems in your relationships are coming to light now. The time of introspection that this Pluto retrograde is for you can significantly change your perception of these relationships, especially in light of recent upheaval. Until September, the planet may reignite hidden problems in your daily life and unresolved health issues. You will have to critically reassess your lifestyle and health regimen. By the end of this retrograde period, you'll be able to give up bad habits and start leading a healthier and more balanced daily life.


Pluto retrograde encourages you to reassess your recent lifestyle changes. It's a great time to figure out which of your habits are beneficial and which are counterproductive, allowing you to adjust your daily practices accordingly. The projects you are committed to implementing will revitalize your progress. This shift provides an incentive to complete these creative endeavors. By the end of this retrograde period, you will have the opportunity to showcase your successes to the world, accepting both your successes and failures.


You are encouraged to take a deep look at your romantic relationships, personal desires, and leisure activities. This phase may force you to give up certain hobbies or romantic interests to truly understand your aspirations and attachments. By September, you may face new challenges in your family life. These may take the form of significant changes, such as moving, redefining relationships with family members, or finally returning to the family life you envisioned. This period is dedicated to coming to terms with past internal conflicts and making the changes necessary to create a favorable home environment.


You will have to do a deep internal analysis of the recent changes in your home and family life. It's time to plant new seeds of emotional growth and reconsider how you've been cultivating them in your personal life. You may find yourself facing unresolved issues in your relationships with friends, siblings, and neighbors. This transition provides an opportunity to assert yourself, share your true thoughts, or perhaps conclude discussions that need to be completed to improve your relationships and communication strategy going forward.


It's time to reassess recent conversations with loved ones and your education. Pluto retrograde can bring important insights that will enhance your spiritual and intellectual understanding, deepening your knowledge and perspectives. By the end of the summer, you may have problems related to money management. At this point, you will have to re-examine your values and how you manage your resources. It's a crucial time to recognize that your self-esteem is not shaped by your financial status, but by what you value in life.


You may now question your financial strategies and your values. Pluto retrograde can show you whether you spend too much money or, on the contrary, are overly frugal. This will eventually lead to a change in your approach to money management. By September, you'll experience new life in aspects of your personality that you feel you've outgrown or outlived. This phase allows you to merge who you were with who you are becoming. You recognize that your past is a part of you, but it does not dictate your future. As you come to terms with your former self, take pride in your development and the progress you've made in personal growth.


A significant period of self-reflection begins for you. You will delve deeper into questions about your identity, values, and the impact you have on others. This journey may prompt you to change the way you present yourself to the world. You will uncover hidden aspects of your psyche and forgotten memories. This transit can reveal repressed truths and unhealed wounds, allowing you to confront and heal them. You may be able to permanently give up destructive behaviors or relationships that no longer serve you.


Your consciousness is expanding. This period can reveal important truths that have been hidden, providing clarity on deep issues and improving your understanding of your inner self. Your group projects may finally reach the final stage of realization. And so could your long-range goals. This transit encourages you to reflect on your contribution to broader social initiatives and realize how you have inspired others. Pluto retrograde is a powerful time for you to realize and strengthen your influence on collective efforts.

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