Chinese horoscope for the week: 5 signs will be favorites of fate

The Bull, Horse, Rooster, Rat, and Pig can count on gifts of fate this week. Source: Created with the help of AI

In search of good luck, it is important not to prevent it from entering your life. And this week, five signs of the eastern zodiac will finally be able to free themselves from fear and open up to cosmic blessings.

Astrologers have named these five lucky ones. This week's I Ching Hexagram of Luck - "Mountain above the Wind" (#18) is replaced by "Wind above Thunder" (#42). This indicates that the things we have lost make room for something new and good. Therefore, you should not base your actions on the expectations of others. If those born under these signs follow the call of their hearts, the universe will compensate them for everything they leave behind. Read on to find out if your sign is on this week's list of blessed ones.


Your luck this week is closely linked to your confidence and self-esteem. As long as you remember that you are capable of tremendous growth and have many talents and abilities, you will be fine. Your success shines like the sun and removes all possible obstacles from your path. To enhance the effect, you are advised to wear more blue or green this week. Also, do not avoid patterns now. Choose those that have a special meaning for you.


The universe urges you to redouble your efforts and not give up your strong position or advantage in your personal life or public sphere. This good fortune will protect you from toxic forces that want to take away what you have worked so hard to achieve. Be in control and you will make not only yourself happy. Also, be vigilant and don't let others claim what doesn't belong to them. The color red will bring you success this week and also increase your inner vitality.


Sometimes it can be difficult to resist the wave of success. And this week, it's going to be one of those waves that will cover you. So, be patient and ground yourself. Things are turning out in your favor out of sight. Ideas and inspiration are waiting for you along the way. If you feel the need, meditate at least once this week. Clarity of mind is exactly what you need. Don't forget to write down your thoughts.


Your luck this week lies in staying put, watching the world move around you, and not interfering with natural processes. If you can focus on contemplation, Fortune will bring you something truly extraordinary, whether it be in love, career, or another aspect. A daily practice of meditation or focused breathing can help you with this. A good color for you this week will be blue.


The mind is your main trump card now. Rely on your intelligence and curiosity about the world around you, and you will come out on top. You are harboring an idea that has great potential. Now you can direct it in the right direction and get the most out of your efforts and profit. So don't doubt yourself and don't let doubts and self-criticism get the better of you. This attitude can block the flow of good luck. The color green will be lucky for you this week.

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