China has launched six mysterious objects that emit signals into orbit amid rumors of human control

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Top-secret Shenlong spacecraft launches 6 mysterious objects into orbit. Source: Erik Simonsen/ts2.space/OBOZ.UA collage

Western media are discussing the alleged work of Chinese scientists on "brain warfare" technology that would literally "turn off" enemies and control their thoughts. This information has emerged against the backdrop of China's launch of a secret spacecraft that put six mysterious objects into orbit, emitting signals.

Thus, The Washington Times, citing a report by experts from The CCP Biothreats Initiative, wrote that Chinese scientists are trying to develop technology that will allow them to win wars without using conventional weapons.

The bioweapons under development will allegedly be capable of inducing sleep, impairing cognition and alertness, and influencing decision-making.

The weapon reportedly uses "soft-damage radio waves" that, thanks to electromagnetic energy, will cause drowsiness in enemies.

In addition, experts suggest that China is also developing weapons that can be controlled by thought.

The Chinese are also allegedly developing "genetic drugs". These are certain drugs that can change people's genetic and physiological traits. The impact of such drugs on a person will lead to a violation of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral characteristics.

Experts note that in their activities, the Chinese are at the "forefront" of the introduction of technologies related to artificial intelligence, the interface between the brain and the computer, and new biological weapons.

Analysts have found that the research is being conducted by two Chinese military organizations.

The United States also suggests that China has already tried to use these technologies to influence the US elections, as well as to strengthen the split between the country's rival parties.

Meanwhile, on December 14, China launched its top-secret Shenlong spacecraft into Earth's orbit for the third time. It was reported that the flight would be used to test reusable spaceplane technology and conduct scientific experiments. No one knows what exactly was meant, but researchers noticed that the plane launched six mysterious objects into orbit, the purpose of which is unknown.

Scott Tilley, an amateur astronomer and satellite tracker who followed the ship, said that his equipment recorded that these objects in orbit are now emitting various signals.

According to Futurism, all six objects are tracked by the US Space Force. The Pentagon has given them the names OBJECT A through F, respectively.

At least one of the objects appears to be tracking the spaceplane, while the others, according to Tilley, emit blank signals without any accompanying data.

On two previous flights, the aircraft also left one object in Earth orbit. Since China's space program is shrouded in secrecy, other countries may never know what these objects are and what their purpose is.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that a Chinese rocket fell on the moon with an unknown heavy cargo.

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