Car tour across Ukraine: where to go in spring

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Traveling by car

Traveling around the country at your own pace is a great way to see new places, get off the beaten path, and get to know non-touristy locations. We offer three interesting options where you can go by car tomorrow.

Urych - Rozhirche - Bubnyshche

If you are a connoisseur of antiquities and mountain recreation, then this route is for you. Its length is about 100 kilometers.

The tourist route starts from the small village of Urych in the Lviv region. Nearby are the rocks on which the Fortress of Tustan once stood. Today, only ruins remain of it. But the fortress used to guard the trade routes leading from Western Europe to Kyivan Rus, and later to Galicia.

The first mention of the fort dates back to the 12th century, but it flourished during the reign of Prince Volodymyr. By his order, the fortifications were expanded and rebuilt. Unfortunately, the citadel was built of wood, so only fragments of the walls and some artifacts have survived. You can see the finds in the local museum.

The Church of St. Nicholas stands in the northern part of the settlement. It was built in 1911 in the traditional Galician style. Be sure to visit Hlyboke. There is a collection of antiques: furniture, a stove, family photos, and household items from the village. By the way, tours are conducted by locals. It is a pleasure to listen to their memories.

The next stop is Rozhirche. The main attraction of the village is a cave monastery. The locals call it a "hillfort". Instead of a gate, the shrine is framed by two rocks, one of which has a cross carved into it. In the fifteenth century, hermit monks began to settle here. According to scholars, no more than 20 people lived within the walls of the prayer hall. The church was divided into 2 floors, with cells on the lower floor and the temple on the upper floor.

Excavations have shown that pagan settlements lived on this territory before Christ. They left behind rock paintings, which, by the way, have not yet been deciphered. Unfortunately, the house of God is not protected at all. Therefore, modern images began to appear next to the ancient ones.

The final point of the route is the village of Bubnyshche, founded in the late fifteenth century. Not far from it are the Dovbush Rocks. The cave complex used to serve as a fortress to protect the population. Once upon a time, the stronghold even had a moat, a tower, a gate, and a drawbridge.

Car tour across Ukraine: where to go in spring

Chernivtsi - Zalishchyky - Nyrkiv

An interesting route where you can fully experience the peculiarities of Western architecture.

We start from Chernivtsi. It's not enough to list all the local attractions in this article. But there is a must-see location. It is the Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans. The same famous university that is called the "Ukrainian Hogwarts". The building has become a business card of the city. We recommend that you see it not only from afar but also book a tour.

The next point is Zalishchyky, a district center in the Ternopil region. The first mention of it dates back to 1340, although people lived here even earlier. When the territory belonged to Poland, a real resort flourished here. Wealthy Poles from all over the country flocked here. We recommend visiting the abandoned Brunicki Palace, Saint Stanislaus church, and the Church of the Holy Trinity.

The final point is Nyrkiv. In the IX century, the ancient Russian settlement of Chervonohrad flourished here. But after another Tatar attack, the fortress fell into decay. Today, only ruins and two Gothic towers remain. Not far from the location is a grotto where a hermit monk once lived. The man was engaged in wood carving all his life. Therefore, his works have been partially preserved here, including a statue of St. Onufriy.

Car tour across Ukraine: where to go in spring

Kamianets-Podilskyi - Kryvche - Khotyn

The route will appeal to fans of chivalric novels and fairy tales. After all, here tourists will find examples of medieval architecture.

In Kamianets-Podilskyi, visit the famous castle. It is perfectly preserved even without restoration. By the way, couples in love have the opportunity to get married on the territory of the fortress. Find more information on the official website.

In addition to the fort, there are many other attractions in the city. For example, the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, which combines Muslim and Christian cultures. The church has an interesting history. In the XV century, the Poles built a church in the Romanesque style. But soon the settlement was captured by the Turks and turned into a mosque. Decades later, the settlement returned to Polish rule, and the building became a church again.

The village of Kryvche lies on the steep slopes of the Tsyhanka River. The location is known for its cave, which is called Krystalichna. By the way, it is equipped specifically for tourists, not athletes. So if you are not afraid of confined spaces, be sure to book a tour.

The last stop is the Khotyn Fortress. The fortress has survived many sieges, and in the XVI-XVII centuries large-scale battles took place here. The territory of the building is huge. While walking around, be sure to visit the museum of torture. Also, go to the huge well, which is 65 meters deep. Water is still flowing in it.

Car tour across Ukraine: where to go in spring

If you have a car, you can arrange a busy weekend. So gather a fun company, refuel your iron horse and go on an adventure!

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