Cannibalistic explanation for the rapid expansion of the Universe found

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Our Universe could be swallowed by another

The expansion of our Universe can occur due to collisions and mergers with other universes, which are called "child" parallel universes. This expansion model fits the data better than the Standard Cosmological Model.

The newest theory was published by researchers in an article in the scientific journal Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. Scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of the rapid expansion of the universe for years. Its reality was recorded through the redshift of galaxies and the study of the cosmic microwave background. Both phenomena proved the reality that the Universe is expanding, but the nature of this process was difficult to understand.

One of the theories was that the expansion of the Universe is influenced by mysterious dark matter. But the scientists' new theory is different.

"The accelerated expansion of our Universe, caused by mysterious dark energy, may have a simple intuitive explanation - mergers with so-called child universes," said Jan Ambjorn, lead author of the study, a physicist at the University of Copenhagen.

The researchers' calculations confirmed the idea that mergers with other universes can lead to an increase in the volume of our Universe. They also found that the rate of expansion that occurs as a result of the merger is more consistent with the data obtained from observations than the traditional Standard Cosmological Model.

As Interesting Engineering writes, this theory also solves the problem of cosmic inflation, which suggests a short exponential expansion of space in the first moments after the Big Bang. Previously, scientists believed that the early expansion was caused by a hypothetical field known as "inflation," but the new theory offers a better alternative. The authors of the study suggest that the rapid early expansion of our Universe was due to the fact that it was absorbed by a larger Universe.

"The fact that the Universe has expanded in a very short time suggests that this expansion was caused by a collision with a larger universe, i.e., our Universe was absorbed by another 'parent' universe," the article says.

Scientists believe that after the initial collision, which led to rapid growth, new collisions occurred, leading to further expansion.

At the same time, scientists warn that although this theory sounds quite good, it requires data that can only be obtained through further observations.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that a study by scientists revealed that the Universe seems to have slowed down its evolution.

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